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The Zerg Wave is the main objective of Braxis Holdout. A Zerg Wave consists of Zerglings, Hydralisks, Banelings, Guardians, and Ultralisks.


The United Earth Directorate used the remote and hostile planet Braxis to conduct experiments on ways to turn the Zerg Swarm into a weapon they could unleash on their enemies. Though the main psi disrupter was destroyed, this space platform's beacons remain fully operational and ready to be used. Capture the beacons and watch what happens when a flood of weaponized Zerg ravages the battlefield.[1]


Braxis Holdout is a two-lane map, with two beacons located in the center and two Zerg holding pens located in each lane, one for each team. Periodically, the two beacons and one pen from each lane (belonging to opposite teams) will activate. When both beacons are held by the same team, that team's pen will begin to fill with Zerg. When one team's pen is full, the Zerg are released to attack down their respective lanes.

The Zerg Wave consists of five different Zerg species:

Unit Name Description Minimum Increment Maximum
Zergling Zergling Weak melee attack unit released in large numbers to overwhelm defenses. 4 None 4
Baneling Baneling Suicide unit that explodes to deal damage against a building or Hero. 0 +1 every 10% 10
Hydralisk Hydralisk Ranged attack unit with moderately high damage. 0 +1 every 24% 6
Guardian Guardian Long-ranged attacker that can outrange base defenses. 0 +1 every 30% 3
Ultralisk Ultralisk Powerful melee attack unit that can withstand heavy damage. 1 +1 every 45% 3

Not counting Banelings every 10%, the relevant percentages are:

  • 24% for the first Hydralisk;
  • 30% for the first Guardian;
  • 45% for another Ultralisk, for a total of 2 Ultralisks;
  • 48% for another Hydralisk, for a total of 2 Hydralisks;
  • 60% for another Guardian, for a total of 2 Guardians;
  • 72% for another Hydralisk, for a total of 3 Hydralisks;
  • 90% for another Guardian, for a total of 3 Guardians;
  • 96% for another Hydralisk, for a total of 4 Hydralisks.

While attacking, Ultralisks and Guardians spawn Drop Pods with 3 Zerglings and 1 Hydralisk. This effect can occur once every 13 seconds, for a maximum of 3 times.