The following is a list of quotations from Zagara.

Interactions Edit


  • "Do not fail me, Evolution Master!"


  • "Creep."


  • "The Swarm hears your command." (after being purchased)
  • "The Swarm endures." (hero selection)
  • "The conquest begins."
  • "My brood stands ready."
  • "The swarm hungers."




  • "An excellent kill." (complimenting another hero)
  • "Now i am the Queen of the Swarm" (after killing kerrigan)


These lines can be heard if Zagara is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "Shouldn't you be spawning more overlords?"
  • "I'm a killer queen."
  • "Fat bottom zerg make the rocking world go round."
  • "It's not a tumor. Wait, er, that actually is a creep tumor. Never mind."
  • "God save the queen. Everyone else can die."
  • "It's difficult being a single broodmother, with 4.5 million zerg to feed."
  • "Always the broodsmaid, never the bride."
  • "Once I am the Queen of Blades I won't have to take this from you."
  • "Four years old and already a broodmother. I hope my broodfather doesn't find out about this."
  • (Various screeches followed by a cough) "Oh, sorry. I think my accent was coming through there."
  • "What do you think you're doing? Turn your head. Don't you know it's rude to watch a queen inject her larva?"
  • "Does anybody else feel a bit top-heavy?"
  • "Just give me some time, and I'll worm my way into your pathetic terran heart."


These quotes have been given by Zagara outside Heroes of the Storm:

  • "One day I will kill Kerrigan... Don't tell her I said that."
  • "'Queen of Creep does not have the same ring."
  • "I dislike space. It is cold and empty. Give me a turgid, wet hatchery."
  • "Parasites do not allow you to use the carpool lane. Found that out the hard way."
  • "It is so adorable how Murky wants to wipe out every Terran... But he still creeps me out."[1]


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