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Winter Veil is an annual Heroes of the Storm event. Its origins lie in the Warcraft universe. In 2017, players can celebrate Winter Veil by completing quests within the game for rewards. The event begins Tuesday, December 12, and will last until the week of January 8, 2018.

Winter Veil 2017Edit

The event will run from December 12 to January 8. A four-part quest can be completed that reward several items for players' collections.

  • Part 1: Play 2 Games
    • Reward: Nostalgic Reign-Deer Spray
  • Part 2: Play 5 Games
  • Part 3: Play 8 Games
  • Part 4: Win 5 Games

Winter Veil 2016Edit

The event ran from December 14 to January 4. By playing 25 games during this span (excluding Brawls), players could win a snowflake portrait and the Festive Treasure Goblin mount. A new Brawl was featured, and all games played during the event had experience multiplied by 25%.

Collection Edit

There are a number of items players may acquire for their Collection during the event. Note that the ability to purchase/craft these items will be removed after the event ends; the ability to see unowned items is also removed from the Collection.

Emojis Edit

The following seasonal emojis cost IconShard 60 per pack.

Mounts Edit

Festive Goblin IconShard 400
Festive Goblin
Festive Goblin

Gingerboard IconShard 600
Gingerboard Gingerboard - Blueberry Gingerboard - Frosted
Gingerboard Blueberry Frosted
Gingerboard - Moldy Gingerboard - Strawberry
Moldy Strawberry

Reign-Deer IconShard 400
Reign-Deer Reign-Deer - Fel Reign-Deer - Horde Reign-Deer - Iceforged
Reign-Deer Fel Horde Iceforged
IconShard 2400

Special Snowflake IconShard 400
Special Snowflake Special Snowflake - Ivory Special Snowflake - Verdant
Special Snowflake Ivory Verdant

Portraits Edit

The following seasonal portraits cost IconShard 60.


Skins Edit

Winter Veil Jaina IconShard 400
JainaWVRed JainaWVBlue JainaWVPurple
Winter Veil Aurora Noir

Winter Veil Kharazim IconShard 150
Kharazim - Winter Veil Kharazim - Winter Veil - Coal Kharazim - Winter Veil - Evergreen
Winter Veil Coal Evergreen
Kharazim - Winter Veil - Frozen Kharazim - Winter Veil - Rosy
Frozen Rosy

Winter Veil Lunara IconShard 400
Lunara - Winter Veil Lunara - Winter Veil - Cold Lunara - Winter Veil - Mistletoe
Winter Veil Cold IconShard 600 Mistletoe
Lunara - Winter Veil - Snowfall Lunara - Winter Veil - Starry
Snowfall Starry IconShard 600

Greatfather Winter Malfurion IconShard 600
Malfurion - Greatfather Winter Malfurion - Greatfather Winter - Coal Malfurion - Greatfather Winter - Icy
Greatfather Winter Coal Icy
Malfurion - Greatfather Winter - Naughty Malfurion - Greatfather Winter - Rosy
Naughty Rosy

Season's Reapings Malthael IconShard 150
Malthael - Season's Reapings Malthael - Season's Reapings - Chilling Malthael - Season's Reapings - Coal
Season's Reapings Chilling Coal
Malthael - Season's Reapings - Hallowed Malthael - Season's Reapings - Plum
Hallowed Plum

Gingerdread Nazeebo IconShard 1600
Nazeebo - Gingerdread Nazeebo - Gingerdread - Blueberry Nazeebo - Gingerdread - Fruitcake
Gingerdread Blueberry Fruitcake IconShard 2400
Nazeebo - Gingerdread - Mint Nazeebo - Gingerdread - Moldy
Mint Moldy IconShard 2400

Great-father Winter Rehgar IconShard 400
RehgarGFWRed RehgarGFWBlue RehgarGFWWhite
Great-father Winter Frozen Ivory

Greatfather Winter Stitches IconShard 400
Stitches - Greatfather Winter Stitches - Greatfather Winter - Cold Stitches - Greatfather Winter - Festive Stitches - Greatfather Winter - Ivory
Greatfather Winter Cold Festive Ivory IconShard 600

Sugar Plum Sylvanas IconShard 1600
Sylvanas - Sugar Plum Sylvanas - Sugar Plum - Snow Sylvanas - Sugar Plum - Sour Sylvanas - Sugar Plum - Sweet
Sugar Plum Snow Sour Sweet IconShard 2400

Winter's Helper Valla IconShard 2400
Valla - Winter's Helper Valla - Winter's Helper - Coal Valla - Winter's Helper - Icewind
Winter's Helper Coal Icewind
Valla - Winter's Helper - Ivy Valla - Winter's Helper - Plum
Ivy Plum

Sprays Edit

The below sprays cost IconShard 150.

Snow Globes

The following sprays cost IconShard 60.


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