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Targetinfopanel unit tombofthespiderqueen minion spider boss.png
Monster Information
Base Health 8000
Base Damage 80
Attack Speed 0.5
Attack Range 5
Abilites Death Wave, Spawn Minions
Map Tomb of the Spider Queen
Targetinfopanel unit tombofthespiderqueen minion spider boss spawn.png
Monster Information
Base Health 900
Base Damage 80
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 1
Map Tomb of the Spider Queen

Webweavers are monsters unique to the Tomb of the Spider Queen battleground.


Three Webweavers are summoned by turning in 50 gems, upon which they will automatically attack the opposing team, traveling down all three of the map's lanes. When the Webweavers are spawned, they travel down each lane in a spirit form until they reach the first wave of enemy minions, at which point they will materialize.

Webweavers lose 100 hit points per second they are alive, a value which is fixed regardless of game time. Thus, simply walking down a lane can significantly drain a Webweaver’s health, although later Webweavers have larger health pools and are thus more resistant to this effect.

Webweavers have two spells, a Death Wave and the ability to summon two Cryptcrawlers. The Death Wave takes 4 seconds to channel and travels out 20m, dealing a large amount of damage on an 7 second cooldown that starts on cast completion. The minions are moderately strong and have a 20 second cooldown. The Webweavers will periodically summon a pair of melee warriors called Cryptcrawlers of their own to attack structures. If left unchecked, a Webweaver may end up with six of these warriors at their side.[1]


Death Wave [2]
Cooldown: 7 seconds

After a large delay, project a wave at an enemy structure that deals heavy damage to any enemies who contact it.

Range: 10
Spawn Minions
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Summons 2 Cryptcrawlers.


Webweaver Portraits
Carbot Webweaver Portrait.png
Carbot Webweaver
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Lost Cavern Portrait.png
Lost Cavern


Carbot Webweaver Spray.png
Carbot Webweaver
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75