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Horace Warfield is a hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise.[1] Warfield appeared in early builds of Heroes of the Storm, commanding a siege tank.[2] His siege tank had low-damage area of effect attacks and mines for killing minions.[3]

He was removed from the game however, as upon reflection, Warfield had never actually been seen driving a siege tank in the StarCraft games. His role was taken by Sergeant Hammer.[4]


StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Horace Warfield was a colonel in the military of the Terran Confederacy, who served in the Guild Wars. However, after the destruction of the planet Korhal by the Confederacy, Warfield and his men went rogue. While he never took direct action against his former government, Warfield fed intelligence to his former comrade and leader of the revolutionary group the Sons of Korhal Arcturus Mengsk. These allowed Mengsk key victories, and when Mengsk toppled the Confederacy, Warfield became one of his top generals in Mengsk's new Terran Dominion. Warfield briefly oversaw the creation of an elite secret supersoldier program named Project Shadowblade, but after the process was revealed to drive its subject insane it was shut down. Warfield retired not long after.

However, when the zerg attacked the Dominion under Sarah Kerrigan, Warfield was called back into service, commanding the operations to push the zerg back out of Dominion space. He was also harried by Jim Raynor and his band of revolutionaries, who struck against Arcturus Mengsk by stealing his Odin walker and used it to broadcast propaganda against Mengsk. However, when Arcturus's son Valerian Mengsk allied with Jim Raynor to use an artifact named the Keystone to purify Kerrigan of zerg infestation, Warfield helped command the invasion of her primary zerg hive cluster on Char. However, the initial landing was a bloody ordeal, and Warfield's battlecruiser crashed, forcing Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay to save him. Warfield and his men were rescued, but his wounds forced his arm to be amputated, though he replaced it with a prosthetic cannon. Raynor and Warfield successfully defended the Keystone from Kerrigan, purifying her of infestation. While Raynor and Valerian evacuated Char and came to blows with Arcturus's forces, Warfield remained on the surface, and set about purging it of zerg.

Warfield set up a base on the Dauntless Plateau, and led a successful campaign against the broods of Zagara. However, Kerrigan soon returned, reclaiming Zagara, and stuck at Warfield's base. As she overran his forces, Warfield demanded she let his men go, before telling her what a monster she had become, and that Raynor (who had been reported as dead) would be disappointed in her. In response, Kerrigan shoved a metal beam through his chest, killing Warfield. However, in a moment of mercy, she pulled her broods back from the attack, allowing Warfield's surviving men to leave the planet.



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