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Versus AI mode is one of the gameplay modes in Heroes of the Storm. In this mode, you fight computer-controlled opponents of scalable difficulty alongside your friends, or with other players via the matchmaking system. If you prefer to go at it solo, you just need to check the A.I. Teammates' box. Playing in this mode will net you some experience, gold, and daily quest progress.

A.I. difficulty

A difficulty dropdown is on the Versus A.I. screen, which can be used to switch among five different A.I. difficulty settings: Beginner, Recruit, Adept, Veteran, and Elite.

  • A.I. teammates will mirror the difficulty selected for A.I. opponents.
  • When playing in a party, only the party leader may change the A.I. difficulty setting.


By default, Versus AI mode will fill the player's team with members of the player's party, and if any slots are left, with other players queuing for Versus AI games. By selecting the AI Teammates option, the player can choose for their team to be controlled by the AI instead.

  • When attempting to find a Versus A.I. game with human allies, the matchmaker will work to find other players who have selected the same A.I. difficulty level.
  • If it takes too long to find a suitable match, the matchmaker will expand its search to include difficulty levels above and below the player’s selection.
  • If the human players on a team had selected a variety of A.I. difficulties, an A.I. opponent of each selected difficulty will be used for that game.
    • For example: If two players selected Adept A.I. and three selected Veteran, the game will be filled with two adept and three veteran A.I. opponents.


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