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The ultralisk is a zerg heavy ground unit. Kerrigan can summon an Ultralisk and Ultralisks can be spawned on the Braxis Holdout, and are part of the zerg waves that are sent against opponents. Additionally, an ultralisk skin called Butcherlisk is available for The Butcher.


Bearing little resemblance to the docile Brontoliths from which they were evolved, Ultralisks are the most powerful of the Zerg ground forces. They serve as the backbone of the Swarm’s armies and are as dangerous as any armored vehicle. These massive monstrosities are used as living battering rams against their enemies. Their large bone-like scythes allow them to tear through most known substances with ease. The Ultralisk’s genetic material has been subjected to countless tests and experiments, and only the final viable code is used by Zerg Larvae to morph into new Ultralisks.

As a Summon[]

Targetinfopanel unit kerrigan ultralisk.png
Summon Information
Summoner Kerrigan
ID KerriganUltralisk
Summon Type Active
Duration 20 seconds
Health 1369 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage 100 (+4% per level)
Attack Speed 1.0
Attack Range 1.5
Abilites Charge. Cleave Attacks
Sight radius 9
Movement speed 5.5

An Ultralisk is a Summon created by Kerrigan after learning her Heroic ability Summon Ultralisk. The Ultralisk attacks a target and its attacks splash to nearby enemies for 50% damage. Can reactivate the Ability to retarget the Ultralisk. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Summoning Ultralisk while Kerrigan is affected by Spell Power buff/debuff, increases/decreases Ultralisk's Basic Attack damage. Gaining or losing Ability Power after Ultralisk is summoned does not affect it.

As a Monster[]

Targetinfopanel unit braxis monsters ultralisk.png
Monster Information
Base Health 6000
Base Damage 50
Base Kill XP 0 XP
Map Braxis Holdout

Ultralisks are monsters unique to the Braxis Holdout battleground and are part of the zerg wave. Periodically, two beacons and one pen from each lane (belonging to opposite teams) will activate. When both beacons are held by the same team, that team's pen will begin to fill with Zerg. You always have 1 Ultralisk to start with. 75% spawns a new Ultralisk (2 maximum). When one team's pen is full, the Zerg are released to attack down their respective lanes.