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The ultralisk is a zerg heavy ground unit.


The ultralisk is a 20 meter long and 5 meter high[1] living battering ram, evolved from the docile brontolith; a creature that the ultralisk now bears little resemblance to.[2] Ultralisks serve as the backbone of the Swarm, possessing an exceptionally thick carapace.[3] Ultralisks are the most powerful ground strain the Swarm possesses and their DNA is the "final viable code" utilized by larvae.[4] An example of their might: a handful of ultralisks were "responsible for the death of an entire Confederate garrison" on Timul IV.[5]

Ultralisks attack using large, bone-like scythes which protrude from their backs. Known as "kaiser blades", these scythes are nearly indestructible.[2] Possessing monomolecular edges,[5] these scythes are able to tear through most substances with ease.[2]


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