The Triglav Protector is a unit on the Volskaya Foundry battleground that two players may take control of, provided their team gains enough points from capturing the Control Points.

The Protector will gain 10 Armor and 25% increased damage if both the Pilot and Gunner seats are occupied.

Description Edit

The Triglav Protector is a very powerful vehicle, capable of dealing very high amounts of damage. Unlike the Dragon Knight and Garden Terror, the Triglav Protector has a set of abilities tailored for combating and eliminating Heroes, having a less effective sieging capacity compared to the other two vehicles.

Abilities Edit

Pilot Abilities Edit

Name Description
Charge (Q) After .5 seconds, charge to the target unit's current location and deal damage in an area. Deals double damage to structures and minions. 8 second cooldown
Rocket Fist (W) Launch a Rocket Fist that impacts the first Hero or Structure hit. Roots Heroes for 1 second. Disables Structures for 4 seconds. Destroys all minions in its path. 14 second cooldown.
Shield Emitter (E) Grants 25 armor to vehicle and grants a Shield to all nearby allies equal to 25% of their maximum health. 16 second cooldown.

Gunner Abilities Edit

Name Description
Particle Cannon (Q) Enables the Particle Cannon ability and increases its range over 3 seconds. Reactivate to launch an orb dealing damage in an area. 5 sec cooldown.
Gatling Cannon (W) Fires a barrage of cannon fire at the location of the cursor for 4 seconds. 11 second cooldown.
Scorching Laser (E) A laser quickly cuts a line across the terrain dealing light damage. A secondary explosion triggers 0.75 seconds later for heavy damage. 10 second cooldown.

Note Edit

  • Triglav Protectors cannot be healed by Supports or Healing Fountains.
  • Triglav Protectors are unstoppable (meaning they cannot be affected by any form of crowd control).
  • Triglav Protectors are immune to Attack Speed slows applied by attacks from enemy Forts and Keeps.
  • Regeneration Globes do not heal Triglav Protectors.
  • Basic attacks instantly kill minions.

Patch changes Edit

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