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Trial Grounds
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Battleground Information
Unique Objectives

Katya Volskaya is experimenting with the powers of Nexus. Gain access to her powerful prototype weaponry and defeat your opponents!

Lanes 1
Announcer Katya Volskaya
Realm Overwatch
Release Date December 29, 2017
The Nexus Forces have taken over a Volskaya Industries Factory, fight to the death to obtain its manufactured power! Two teams enter, one team leaves.[1]

Trial Grounds is a Brawl set in a modified version of Volskaya Foundry.


  • Battle it out on a single-lane Overwatch-themed Battleground known only as… the Trial Grounds.
  • Shuffle Pick
    • Choose from one of three Heroes at the beginning of the match. Choose carefully though, you won’t have the opportunity to choose again after rounds.
  • Elimination
    • A round is won when all Heroes on the enemy team are slain.
  • Best of Three
    • The first team to win two rounds will win the Brawl!
  • Round Events
    • Starting at 60 seconds, an elevator will rise in the center of the Battleground, presenting one of the following challenges to both teams:
      • Tribute
        • Capture the Tribute to reduce the health of all enemy Heroes to 1!
      • Capture Point
      • Artifact
        • Artifact spawns in the center of the Battleground. The first Hero to walk over it gains its power!
        • The Hero that kills the artifact carrier will claim it for themselves.
      • Dueling Immortals
        • Immortals spawn for each team in the center of the Battleground.
        • Once an immortal has been slain, the winning team’s Immortal will take to the sky, revealing the map and raining destruction onto the enemy Heroes.
      • Safe Zone
        • A Safe Zone is created at the center of the Battleground.
        • Every 15 seconds the entire map is electrified, and only those in the Safe Zone will be protected.
      • There’s also a chance for no event at all. You’ll just have to rely on your own ruthless skills to take down the enemy Heroes and be the last team standing!


Complete three matches of Trial Grounds to earn a Loot Chest!


  • Heroes that use regular Mounts are unable to use them. Heroes like Probius are able to use their Mount alternatives.
  • Hearthstones are available, but don't teleport you after you finish channeling. Spawn areas do not prevent damage, restore health or push back enemies.
  • In the corners of the map, there can be found four Health Packs that instantly restore 35% of the maximum Health and Mana to the hero that walks over them.
  • If a round extends beyond 1:30, all Heroes become permanently revealed receive -25 Armor debuff. Every 10 seconds, Heroes receive an additional -25 Armor, beyond regular Armor Cap. The timespan between further Armor decreases becomes even shorter with time.
  • At roughly 3:15, all players receive a "Deadly Neurotoxin" debuff which applies 100% reduced healing to players and damage over time until they die. This debuff, however, can be cleared off by, for example, abilities that apply invulnerable state (like Kharazim's Seven Sided Strike) or entering Triglav Protector.


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