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Toxic Nest
Targetinfopanel unit abathur toxicnest.png
Summon Information
Summoner Abathur
ID AbathurLocustNest
Summon Type Passive
Duration 90 seconds
Health 80 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage -
Abilites Area damage, Stealth
Sight radius 3.5
Movement speed -
Unit radius 0.5

A Toxic Nest is a Summons created by Abathur. Toxic Nests are mines that takes 5 seconds to activate. Once active, Toxic Nest provides vision, gains Stealth, and will explode, dealing 153 (+4% per level) damage in an area, if an enemy comes in its proximity. The mine has its own health pool and can be destroyed by AoE abilities and Basic Attacks, although it can not be targeted with Basic Attacks before it is revealed. Minions and Mercenaries will not target the mines, but Structures will (when they are visible). Mines can be placed beside each other, but not on top of each other. Mines work on a charge system, allowing you to hold up to 3 charges at a time. One charge is generated every 10 seconds.

Toxic Nests have a variety of uses but are primarily used to provide vision along key paths, dismounting and revealing passing Heroes. Toxic Nests can also be used to help waveclear by placing them in the midst of enemy minions.