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Gabriel Tosh is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise.[1][2][3]


StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Gabriel Tosh was born on the terran world of Haji, and was psionically gifted, which was mistaken for magic by his family. He was recruited into the Ghost Program, and was a firm believer in the rule of Arcturus Mengsk, who recently overthrew the corrupt Terran Confederacy. He was assigned to train with a team alongside Nova Terra. The two overcame a number of trails in their attempts to get their team together, and even were briefly romantically involved. However, after a dangerous unauthorized mission where the team accidentally saved children of the overthrown Confederate leaders that Mengsk intended to kill, Tosh was accidentally injured by a psionic blast from Nova. While Mengsk mind wiped the team, Tosh's mental injuries made him immune to the mind wipe, and he remembered the operation, that Mengsk executed the children, and that he tried to cover it up.

His faith shattered, Tosh later faked his death and abandoned the Ghost Program. He was however discovered by a renegade ghost named Cole Bennett, who held the identity of a Dominion colonel named Jackson Hauler. Bennett was part of a Dominion supersoldier program named Project Shadowblade, which used a gas named terrazine to enhance ghost powers to make a new generation of ghosts named spectres. However, the process drove the subject insane and undid ghost memory wipes, so the project was shut down. Bennett, with the help of Tosh, restarted the program, using the gas to both enhance ghosts and cause them to remember all the heinous acts Arcturus Mengsk had ordered them to do, making them willing to turn against him. However, while Bennett stated that he intended to take down Mengsk for justice, he secretly wanted to rule.

This secret operation was uncovered by Nova Terra, still a ghost agent. Tosh did all he could to try to win her over to the side of the spectres, obsessing over reuniting his old Ghost Academy team, but was unable to. Slowly the terrazine began to damage his mind, causing vivid hallucinations and bouts of insanity. Nova halted Tosh from kidnapping Arcturus Mengsk, and began to hunt them down. However, Bennett captured Nova and took her to their battlestation. In the process of hunting her down, Bennett executed Tosh's close friend and lover Kath Toom for her failure, enraging Tosh. As Bennett had Nova cornered and prepared to indoctrinate her, Tosh turned on Bennett, giving Nova the time to kill the spectre general. She allowed Tosh to escape, and he took the corpse of Kath and a number of spectres in stasis with him.

Eventually stabilizing, Tosh eventually set about rebuilding the spectre program. He contacted rebel Jim Raynor of Raynor's Raiders, first as a pirate who offered him a job hunting down jorium, a stabilizing agent for terrazine. He and Raynor then raided a Tal'darim world for terrazine and prepared to attack the prison world of New Folsom, but were confronted by Nova, who warned Raynor that Tosh and his spectres were murdering psycopaths. While concerned, Raynor remained loyal to Tosh, and broke open New Folsom, freeing the spectres within and a number of political prisoners. Tosh swore to stay by Raynor until the end, and help him take down Mengsk. He and his spectres remained loyal to Raynor's Raiders even after Jim was captured by Mengsk.

Tosh's continued fate after Mengsk's death is unknown. While many spectres fell to the influence of the fallen xel'naga Amon due to his connection to terrazine, many fought alongside Raynor during Amon's final defeat.


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