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Tomb of the Spider Queen
Tomb of the Spider Queen.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Enemy spider Minions and enemy Heroes drop gems when killed
  • Collect 50 gems (+5 after each wave) to summon a wave of spiders that will travel in each lane to siege the opposing team
First Objective 0:30 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 0:15 minutes after all Webweavers die
Lanes 3
Announcer Neithis
Realm Luxoria
Release Date March 24, 2015

Tomb of the Spider Queen is a three-lane indoor battleground set in the realm of Luxoria. The Spider Queen Neithis demands gems, which drop off of dead enemy spider Minions or Heroes. If a team collects enough gems, Webweavers will be summoned which will then walk down the lane besieging buildings and enemies until they are killed.

It was confirmed to be a battleground during the Blizzcon 2014. It was released on March 24, 2015.


The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives."[1]

Map layout[]

Tomb of the Spider Queen map.jpg

Areas of interest[]

Minimapicon spiderqueen turnin.png
The Spider Queen's Altars
Amount: 2
Location: Located at the center, between each of the three lanes.
Description: Turn in Gems at the Spider Queen's Altars to gain her favor.

Mercenary Camps[]

There are four Mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground. Mercenaries are disabled during the Primary Objectives.

Minimapicon merccamp.png Siege Camps
  • Amount: 1
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 3 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located at the bottom center. Moves down the bottom lane upon capture.
  • Description: Siege Giants are found in groups of 2 and can easily take down enemy Forts from outside the Structures' attack ranges.
Minimapicon elitemerccamp.png Bruiser Camps
  • Amount: 2
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 4 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located between middle and bottom lanes, near the inner walls. Moves down the middle lane upon capture.
  • Description: The Knight camp contains 3 tanky frontliners and a single ranged "Wizard", who emits a Spell Srmor aura to buff all nearby allies.
Minimapicon golemmerccamp.png Boss Camps
  • Amount: 1
  • Spawns: After 5 min and respawns 5 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located at the top center of the map. Moves down the top lane upon capture.
  • Description: The Sand Golem is a Boss Camp, with lots of Health, high damage, and a delayed Stun. It also periodically spawns a whirlwind that pushes Heroes out of the way.

Primary Objectives[]

The unique objective revolves around collecting enough gems and hand them in one of the two Spider Queen's altars to summon three Webweavers that will travel down each lane to siege the opposing team on three fronts. The Altars will activate 0:30 minutes into the match and respawn 0:15 minutes after all Webweavers die.

Core Ability: Death Wave[]

  • Every 5 seconds, the Core will shoot a Death Wave, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage to enemy Heroes and Slowing them by 70% for 1.25 seconds.

Collect Gems[]

Loadscreen tombofthespiderqueen icon1.png
  • Enemy spider Minions and enemy Heroes drop gems when killed, with spider Minions dropping one gem each and enemy Heroes 3 each.
    • Murky, The Lost Vikings, and Misha each drop 1 gem upon death.
  • Unclaimed gems last for 8 seconds.
  • Heroes can continue collecting gems until they hand in at the altar. If they get killed, their gems drop on the ground and can be picked up by allied Heroes (but not enemies).
  • Each Hero can hold up to 100 gems. However, The Lost Vikings can hold up to 100 gems on each Viking.

Turn in Gems[]

Loadscreen tombofthespiderqueen icon2.png

To hand in gems, a Hero must channel on one of the two Spider Queen's altars for 6 seconds, during which they can be interrupted by taking damage or moving.


Loadscreen tombofthespiderqueen icon3.png
  • Once a team hands in 50 gems in total, a wave of three Webweavers will be summoned after 15 seconds. When the Webweavers are spawned, they travel down each lane in a spirit form until they reach the first wave of enemy minions, at which point they will materialize.
  • Webweavers lose 100 hit points per second they are alive, a value which is fixed regardless of game time. Thus, simply walking down a lane can significantly drain a Webweaver’s health, although later Webweavers have larger Health pools and are thus more resistant to this effect.
  • Webweavers have two spells, a Death Wave and the ability to summon two Cryptcrawlers.
    • The Death Wave takes 4 seconds to channel and travels out 20m, dealing a large amount of damage on an 7 second cooldown that starts on cast completion. The minions are moderately strong and have a 20 second cooldown.
    • The Webweavers will periodically summon a pair of melee warriors called Cryptcrawlers of their own to attack structures. If left unchecked, a Webweaver may end up with six of these warriors at their side.
  • Each additional summoning requires handing in five additional gems then the previous one; thus, the second takes 55, the third 60, etc., up to a max of 80.


  • An artifact can be found on a pedestal west of the boss. Clicking on it five times causes Harrison Jones to descend into the tomb and claim it. If a player does this, Harrison will circle the defeated team's core on his flying carpet at the end of the match.[2]
  • Mage Wars is a Brawl set on a modified version of Tomb of the Spider Queen.




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