Heroes Brawl - The Mine Reopens

Venture underground with this Heroes Brawl, The Mines Reopen, which features Shuffle Pick hero selection followed by a standard Heroes match on Haunted Mines! Collect Skulls deep within the mines to summon a Grave Golem and compel it to aid you on your mission to destroy the enemy Core.

Rules Edit

Shuffle Pick

  • Pick one of three randomly selected Heroes before entering the Haunted Mines. Be quick about it, though —you only have 30 seconds to choose!

Standard Haunted Mines rules

  • Venture Underground: The Haunted Mines will periodically open with an Undead Army underneath.
  • Collect the Skulls: Destroy the Undead and collect their Skulls to summon a powerful Golem. The more Skulls each team collects, of the total 100 contained within the mines, the stronger their Golems become.
  • Unleash the Golems: After the Undead have been defeated, a Golem will rise for each team and plow through a lane in search of Structures to destroy.

Rewards Edit

Complete three matches to earn a Loot Chest.

Previous rewards Edit

Completing three matches earned 1,000 Gold and the following portrait:

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