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Whitemane Skin Template Usage
Legendary Showstopper The Scarlet Heist
Backstory: Whitemane watches over the sludge and grime of New Tirisfal from the highest spire of the Scarlet Monastery Casino, where thousands of residents invest their loyalty, and their hard-earned coin, on a daily basis.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of The Scarlet Heist.
Whitemane Showstopper.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Whitemane Showstopper Noir.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Whitemane Showstopper Idol.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Whitemane Showstopper Diamond Dust.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Diamond Dust
Whitemane Showstopper Silver Screen.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Silver Screen