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This template provides a small image of a hero. A label is displayed underneath the hero's picture linking to the hero page, which defaults to the hero name if the text parameter is not provided.


{{Hero tile|hero|text|text size}}

Text Sizes

There are 4 text sizes available to use with the template: smaller, small, normal (default), and large. Due to space constraints, when provided with no other parameters, the text size for Sgt. Hammer and The Butcher will default to small, while the text size for the The Lost Vikings will default to smaller. This will be overridden if either the text or text size parameters are provided.

List of Hero Tiles

{{Hero tile|Abathur}}
{{Hero tile|Alarak}}
{{Hero tile|Alexstrasza}}
{{Hero tile|Anduin}}
{{Hero tile|Ana}}
{{Hero tile|Anub'arak}}
{{Hero tile|Artanis}}
{{Hero tile|Arthas}}
{{Hero tile|Auriel}}
{{Hero tile|Azmodan}}
{{Hero tile|Blaze}}
{{Hero tile|Brightwing}}
{{Hero tile|Cassia}}
{{Hero tile|Chen}}
{{Hero tile|Cho}}
{{Hero tile|Cho'gall}}
{{Hero tile|Chromie}}
{{Hero tile|D.Va}}
{{Hero tile|Deckard}}
{{Hero tile|Dehaka}}
{{Hero tile|Diablo}}
{{Hero tile|E.T.C.}}
{{Hero tile|Falstad}}
{{Hero tile|Fenix}}
{{Hero tile|Gall}}
{{Hero tile|Garrosh}}
{{Hero tile|Gazlowe}}
{{Hero tile|Genji}}
{{Hero tile|Greymane}}
{{Hero tile|Gul'dan}}
{{Hero tile|Illidan}}
{{Hero tile|Imperius}}
{{Hero tile|Hanzo}}
{{Hero tile|Jaina}}
{{Hero tile|Johanna}}
{{Hero tile|Junkrat}}
{{Hero tile|Kael'thas}}
{{Hero tile|Kel'Thuzad}}
{{Hero tile|Kerrigan}}
{{Hero tile|Kharazim}}
{{Hero tile|Leoric}}
{{Hero tile|Li Li}}
{{Hero tile|Li-Ming}}
{{Hero tile|Lt. Morales}}
{{Hero tile|Lúcio}}
{{Hero tile|Lunara}}
{{Hero tile|Malfurion}}
{{Hero tile|Mal'Ganis}}
{{Hero tile|Malthael}}
{{Hero tile|Medivh}}
{{Hero tile|Maiev}}
{{Hero tile|Mephisto}}
{{Hero tile|Muradin}}
{{Hero tile|Murky}}
{{Hero tile|Nazeebo}}
{{Hero tile|Nova}}
{{Hero tile|Orphea}}
{{Hero tile|Probius}}
{{Hero tile|Qhira}}
{{Hero tile|Ragnaros}}
{{Hero tile|Raynor}}
{{Hero tile|Rehgar}}
{{Hero tile|Rexxar}}
{{Hero tile|Samuro}}
{{Hero tile|Sgt. Hammer}}
{{Hero tile|Sonya}}
{{Hero tile|Stitches}}
{{Hero tile|Stukov}}
{{Hero tile|Sylvanas}}
{{Hero tile|Tassadar}}
{{Hero tile|The Butcher}}
{{Hero tile|The Lost Vikings}}
{{Hero tile|Thrall}}
{{Hero tile|Tracer}}
{{Hero tile|Tychus}}
{{Hero tile|Tyrael}}
{{Hero tile|Tyrande}}
{{Hero tile|Uther}}
{{Hero tile|Valeera}}
{{Hero tile|Valla}}
{{Hero tile|Varian}}
{{Hero tile|Whitemane}}
{{Hero tile|Xul}}
{{Hero tile|Yrel}}
{{Hero tile|Zagara}}
{{Hero tile|Zarya}}
{{Hero tile|Zeratul}}
{{Hero tile|Zul'jin}}