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Takedowns are scored to the players for participation in killing enemy Heroes. A Takedown can be either a Kill or an Assist that occupy different columns in the Score Screen.

Takedown Scoring Rules[]

A Kill is granted to the last allied Hero who dealt damage to an enemy Hero within 1.5 seconds from their death.

An Assist is granted to any allied Hero who hasn't got a Kill of an enemy Hero but has fulfilled one of the following conditions:

  • Being within the Assist Radius from that enemy Hero within 5 seconds from their death. Assist Radius is 20 and is calculated between the centers of the units.
  • Dealing damage to that enemy Hero within 5 seconds from their death.

Non-damage interactions outside the Assist Radius like global reveals can not grant Kills or Assists.

Bodies of other Heroic Targets, ie. Heroic Pets and Vehicles, do not generally grant a Takedown. Exceptions to latter are Misha and D.Va's Mech, which both grant a Takedown despite being Heroic Pets. All Heroic Targets eligible for granting a Takedown always grant full benefits, regardless of the body granting a full XP on death or not. Some Abilities gain bonuses upon Takedowns.


  • Allied Nazeebo damages enemy Valla who dies to towers within 1.5 seconds from being damaged by Nazeebo. Nazeebo scores a Kill. Note that Kill Feed still shows one who last hits - in this case, a Tower.
  • Allied Muradin is within the Assist Radius from enemy Dehaka. Dehaka brushstalkers to the opposite side of the map but gets killed by minions within 5 seconds. Muradin gets an Assist.
  • Allied Tyrande damages an enemy Illidan who is located outside the Assist Radius with her Sentinel. Illidan gets Killed by allied Dehaka within 5 seconds from being damaged by Tyrande, granting her an Assist.
  • Enemy hero dies to towers, minions or mercenaries without being damaged by any ally Hero within last 1.5 seconds. Every allied hero who fulfilled the assist conditions gets an Assist but no one gets a Kill.

List of Abilities and Talents that benefit from Takedowns[]

  • Sadism (Trait)- Takedowns increase Sadism, lost on death
  • Fuel for the Flame (lvl1)- Takedowns permanently increase Consuming Blaze heal
  • The Will of Cho (lvl20)- Takedowns permanently increase Ogre Hide Armor bonus
  • Essence Collection (Trait) - Takedowns grant Essence
  • Hero Stalker (lvl4) - Increases Essence gain from Takedowns
  • Black Soulstone (Trait) - Takedowns grant Souls
  • GGWP (lvl16) - Takedowns refresh Call Mech cooldown
  • The Will of Gall - Takedowns permanently increase Ogre Rage damage bonus
  • Wizened Duelist (lvl7) - Takedowns increase Basic Attack damage, lost on death
  • Unending Hatred (lvl1) - Takedowns permanently increase Basic Attack damage
  • Queen's Rush (lvl13) Takedowns temporarily grant Move Speed buff
  • Critical Mass (Trait) - Takedowns reset all Ability cooldowns
  • Dominance (lvl4) - Takedowns restore Health
  • Maximum Tempo (lvl1) - Quest: Takedowns permanently increase Amped Speed Boost
  • Reaper of Souls (lvl20) - Takedowns temporarily increase Tormented Souls duration
  • Mental Acuity (lvl7) - Takedowns permanently reduce Oracle cooldown
  • Untouchable (lvl4) - Takedowns increase Basic Attack damage, lost on death
  • Master Assassin (lvl7) - Takedowns permanently increase Attack Speed
  • Grim Task (lvl4) - Takedowns increase Spell Power, lost on death
  • Let the Killing Begin (lvl4) - Takedowns temporarily increase Attack Speed

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