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Support Camp
Targetinfopanel support camp.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 5250
Base Damage (Camp) 135
Attack Speed 0.8
Attack Range 2.5
Movement Speed 4
Abilites Healing Pulse
Capture XP 645 XP +10/min
Maps Volskaya Foundry
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 3:00 minutes

Support Camps are mercenaries found on Volskaya Foundry. A Support Camp appears in the form of a giant mech with a pilot. Support Camps cannot be captured by using abilities like "Bribe" and are Unstoppable.

They first spawn after 1:00 minutes into the game and respawn after 3:00 minutes. While killing the Mercs does not grant any experience, capturing the Support Camp grants 470 XP (+10 XP per minute). The Support Camp occasionally uses the "Healing Pulse" ability that applies self-healing over time.

Biotic Emitter[]

Captured Support Camp will not travel down a lane to attack enemies. Instead, captured Support Camps will drop a consumable Pickup called "Biotic Emitter". Biotic Emitter acts as a totem, healing all nearby allied Heroes after being placed. Biotic Emitter lasts 10 seconds and restores up to 40% of a Hero's maximum Health and Mana over its duration in a 6.5m radius, with the emitter itself having fairly low health.

The emitter is most useful as a free fountain tap for heroes in the inter-engagement period when both teams back off to heal before re-engaging for the second fight. The restorative powers of the emitter can give a decisive advantage to any close engagement, making the Support camp a high-priority target.


  • The design for the Support Camp was Inspired by the mech seen in the Overwatch announce video for Sombra.[1]
  • When Hanamura was released, the Sentinels also acted like Support Camp: Captured Sentinels did not travel down a lane to attack enemies. Instead, captured Sentinels dropped a "Biotic Emitter". This was changed with the Hanamura rework.