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Support heroes provide boosts and other benefits to their teammates.

Support is a hero class in Heroes of the Storm. They are heroes that provide some sort of utility, for example, Shields or XP gain. There are currently 4 Support heroes.

The Support heroes when the role was implemented.

List of Support heroes[]

Hero Franchise Info
StarCraft StarCraft A unique Hero who can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map.
Warcraft Warcraft A Support who can negate burst damage and allow his allies to teleport.
The Lost Vikings (franchise) The Lost Vikings Three Heroes in one! Can gather experience from multiple locations.
Overwatch Overwatch A Support who can enable deadly allies and is good at preventing burst damage.

List of former Support heroes[]

These heroes formerly belonged to the Support class, but were reclassified into other classes due to reworks.

Hero Franchise Info
StarCraft StarCraft A psychic Mage who can deliver area damage from long distances.
Current_ _Bruiser BruiserHealer HealerMelee Assassin Melee AssassinRanged Assassin Ranged AssassinSupport SupportTank Tank
Removed_ _Assassin AssassinMulti-class MulticlassSpecialist SpecialistSupport SupportWarrior Warrior
Support Support heroes_ AbathurMedivhThe Lost VikingsZarya