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Arthas and Illidan attempt to assault an enemy Fort.

Structures are stationary buildings belonging to one each team. Structures in different battlegrounds have different models to match the battleground’s theme, but their name and purpose is still the same.

All structures do not scale as the game goes on: They do have a flat amount of health and do a flat amount of damage that is going to feel less and less hurtful during lategame. This is important to keep in mind when diving buildings in general, but particularly when having the opportunity to end a game. The Core's damage, HP, shields, and shield regeneration increase linearly every minute until 20 minutes into the game, when the scaling stops.

Certain Heroes, Abilities and Talents offer additional effects when used against Structures. Minions do 200% additional damage against structures and structures do increased damage against Heroic-Targets (as Forts and Keeps can reduce Armor against Heroes).

List of structures[ | ]

Structures Description Health Damage
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building core
At the center of their main base, each team has a Core. The destruction of the enemy Core is the ultimate objective of each game, immediately winning the match. Players should usually do everything possible to protect their Core, unless they are about to destroy the enemy's. With the A Call For Help anomaly, each core has a unique way of attacking enemy heroes. 14,000 (+400 per minute) + 7,000 Shield (+200 per Minute) 220
File:Targetinforpanel unit wcav building general alliance.png
On Alterac Pass, Cores are replaced by Generals for each team. Generals have the same objective functionality as Cores, but feature a regenerating health pool and more dangerous attacks, as well as the ability to move within a small arena. Despite being living characters, Generals are considered structures for gameplay purposes. 20,000 (+405 per minute) 330
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building fort
Forts are placed along the lanes in the Battlegrounds. When a team destroys a Fort, they’ll gain a Catapult in every 3rd Minion wave. Destroying a Fort also provides your team with a stacking 20% increase in Passively-earned Experience. 15,450 187.5
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building keep
Keeps are large structures near the Core. Destroying Keeps and Forts is a massive objective because it makes the Core vulnerable to attack and will cause that lane to spawn Catapults with each wave of minions. 20,050 220
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building tower 1
Every Fort and Keep is fortified with multiple Towers - two at each Gate. Towers attack enemy units and Heroes that approach them, dealing substantial damage with each attack. The closer to the Core they are, the more HP they have and the more damage they deal. Fort Tower: 4,300
Keep Tower: 5,300
Fort Tower: 125
Keep Tower: 165
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building gate
Gates are simple structures that obstruct progression through the enemy forts and keeps. Gates do not have any Abilities or attacks, but are usually placed directly between two Towers. Gates cannot be seen or passed though by enemies, but can be freely passed through by allies. Exterior Gate: 4,625 HP
Interior Gate: 5,500 HP
Targetinfopanel unit bb building moonwell
Healing Fountain
Every Fort and Keep has a Healing Fountain that can be used to regain a substantial amount of Health and Mana over a short period (regenerates 40% of their maximum Health and 30% of their maximum Mana over a period of 20 seconds). Invulnerable -
Targetinfopanel unit cursedhollow building wall
Walls are the second type of static defense, and you will find them beside the Cannon Towers which surround Gates. They are destructible, and heroes may destroy them to bypass gates. Exterior Wall: 1,700;
Interior Wall: 2,100
Hall of Storms The Hall of Storms (also called Altar) is the (re-)spawning area of all heroes on a battleground near their Core. It is not treated as a structure in terms of game mechanics, but is rather the area itself. Health and mana are restored to a hero while they dwell within the hall. - -