Storm Shield

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Storm Shield Icon.png
Storm Shield [Active]
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)

Storm Shield is a generic active Talent that protects nearby allies with a burst of shields. The size of the shields themselves vary depending on the ally it affects, and is much more effective on heroes with more health while being weak on heroes with low max hp. The shields can easily save an ally from death and should be used often due to its small cooldown, especially because saving it for the perfect moment is unlikely to save your whole team from a targeted elimination or massive wombo combo.

Heroes with Storm Shield[edit | edit source]

Base version[edit | edit source]

Modified version[edit | edit source]

  • Johanna's level 20 "Blinded By the Light", shields allies for 25% of their max health for 3s, hitting enemies with Shield Glare reduces the cd by 5s. 45s cooldown.
  • Auriel's level 20 "Shield of Hope", shields allies for 50% of their missing hp for 3s. 60s cooldown.

Removed[edit | edit source]

These heroes no longer have Storm Shield as a talent option: