Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Status effects are conditions that affect targets for a certain period of time. The effects are inflicted usually by an ability.


A Buff is a general term that refers to any positive effect with a duration. Effects that improve one's damage output, prevent damage, or increase movement speed are examples of buffs. The inverse is called a debuff.

List of Buffs[]

Status Effect Description
Absorbing icon.png Absorbing Absorbs all damage taken and heals for a portion of the damage received.
Evade Basic attacks from heroes and most damage from non-heroic sources miss.
Invulnerable icon.png Invulnerable Prevents all damage taken and most Crowd control effects.
Parry Reduces all incoming Basic Attack damage to 0.
Protected icon.png Protected Prevents the target from taking damage.
Stasis icon.png Stasis Makes the target Invulnerable and untargetable while unable to do anything. Clears most debuffs and interrupts channeled abilities.
Stealth Makes the target nearly invisible, hidden on the minimap, and untargetable by direct abilities and Basic Attacks.
Unkillable icon.png Unkillable The target will receive damage like normal, but will not go below 1 HP.
Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable Makes the target immune to most forms of crowd control.
Untargetable Prevents the target from being affected by basic attacks or abilities that involve selections, and skillshots will pass through them.


A Debuff is a general term that refers to any negative effect with a duration and/or an area of effect. Damage over time, reveal and crowd control effects, such as root and stun are all examples of debuffs. The inverse is called a buff.

List of Debuffs[]

Status Effect Description
Blinded icon.png Blinded Causes the target to miss Basic Attacks.
Damage over Time Constantly take damage until the effect expires.
Displacement Pushes targets in a direction.
Feared icon.png Feared Forces the target to move away from a point, preventing them from doing anything else.
Mindcontrol icon.png Mind Control Forces the target to walk towards the source, preventing them from doing anything else.
Polymorphed icon.png Polymorphed Makes the target unable to attack and Silences them for a period of time.
Revealed Icon.png Revealed Makes the target visible, even if the target is out of sight, cloaked, or within or behind a bush.
Rooted icon.png Rooted Makes the target unable to move or use any movement abilities.
Silenced icon.png Silenced Makes the target unable to use any ability.
Sleep icon.png Sleep Makes the target unable to do anything until it wears off or they take damage.
Slow Reduces movement speed.
Stopped icon.png Time Stopped Makes the target Invulnerable and untargetable while unable to do anything, and also pauses cooldowns.
Stunned icon.png Stunned Makes the target unable to do anything.
Taunted icon.png Taunted Forces the target to Basic Attack the source, preventing them from doing anything else.

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Debuffs_ Attack SlowBlinded icon.png BlindCrowd controlDamage over TimeKnockbackRevealed Icon.png RevealedRooted icon.png RootSilenced icon.png Silence (Feared icon.png FearMindcontrol icon.png Mind ControlPolymorphed icon.png PolymorphTaunted icon.png Taunt) • SlowStunned icon.png Stun (Sleep icon.png Sleep) • Stopped icon.png Time Stopped