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Auriel putting a allied Hero into Stasis

Stasis is an effect that makes the target immune to damage and untargetable by both enemies and allies, but also makes the unit in Stasis unable to use their Basic Attacks, Abilities and in (most cases) move for a short duration of time. As opposed to Time Stop, Stasis still allows cooldowns to refresh, and most Abilities that grant self-Stasis can be canceled to end their effect early.

Stases also remove most debuffs when they are applied. This includes not only crowd control effects that are removed by Unstoppable, but also Attack Slows, negative damage modifiers, like Armor and Spell Power debuffs, Damage over Time effects, healing received reductions, vision debuffs and combo markers, like Zul'jin's "Grievous Throw". Units that are in Stasis cannot be affected by Time Stop. Stasis does not remove the Revealed status effect.

Unlike Invulnerable targets, units in Stasis can also not be targeted or affected by friendly Abilities. However, Heal over Time effects, delayed heals such as Rehgar's "Ancestral Healing", and triggered heals, like Malfurion's "Rejuvenation" and "Moonfire" combination, applied beforehand resolve during friendly Stasis effects. Hostile Stases, on the other hand, prevent some delayed heals from activating, but do not affect HoTs.

Zagara's Devouring Maw is the only Stasis effect that allows damage to be dealt to the target and targetting Unstoppable enemies.

Self Stasis Abilities[]

  • Brightwing's level 16 talent, "Phase Out", places her in Stasis for 0.75 seconds.
  • Cho's level 16 talent, "Molten Block", places him in Stasis for up to 3 seconds, damaging nearby enemies for its duration.
  • Chromie's level 11 talent, "Time Out", places her in Stasis for up to 5 seconds.
  • Jaina's ability, "Improved Ice Block", places her in Stasis for up to 2.5 seconds, applying "Frostbite" to nearby enemies once the effect ends.
  • Kerrigan's level 13, "Chrysalis", places her in a destructible Chrysalis that grants Stasis for up to 5 seconds, healing her for its duration.
  • Mal'Ganis's heroic ability, "Carrion Swarm", places him in Stasis for 3 seconds.
  • Nazeebo's level 13 talent, "Ice Block", places him in Stasis for up to 3 seconds.
  • Ragnaros' level 20 talent, "Submerge", places him in Stasis for up to 3 seconds, healing him for its duration.
  • Rexxar's level 16 talent, "Feign Death", places him in Stasis for up to 5 seconds. The player can control Misha during the Stasis.

Special Stasis states[]

As an effect of some abilities, the hero's model is completely hidden and the unit is put on a special Stasis state while performing the ability. Units in special Stasis ignore collision with other units. Abilities that have such effect are listed below:

  • Abathur's heroic, "Ultimate Evolution", places him in stasis as long as he is controlling the clone.
  • Alexstrasza's trait, "Dragonqueen", places her in stasis for 0.5 seconds upon transition between human and dragon forms.
  • Alexstrasza's heroic, "Cleansing Flame", places her in stasis for 8 seconds until she lands.
  • Chen's heroic, "Storm, Earth, Fire", places him in stasis while he is controlling the spirits.
  • Deathwing's mount, "Dragonflight", places him in stasis indefinitely until the ability is cancelled.
  • Dehaka's mount, "Brushstalker", places him in stasis for 1.5 seconds before he teleports.
  • Imperius' heroic "Wrath of the Angiris" places himself and the target enemy Hero in Stasis while in air.
  • Johanna's heroic ability, "Falling Sword", makes her invulnerable for 2 seconds while she determines her landing point.
  • Junkrat's heroic, "Rocket Ride", places him in stasis during the ride and for 5 seconds after he explodes.
  • Ragnaros' trait "Molten Core", puts him in Stasis for its duration.
  • Tracer's ability, "Recall", places her in stasis for 0.75 seconds before she teleports.
  • Samuro's ability, "Mirror Image", puts Samuro in a stasis for 0.125 seconds, before the Images are created.
  • Samuro's trait, "Image Transmission", puts Samuro and his Images in a stasis for 0.125 seconds, when he swaps with any of them.
  • Zagara's heroic ability, "Nydus Network", places her in Stasis and regenerates her health and mana as long as she remains inside.


Pseudo-stasis effects only apply part of Stasis' normal effects, making the hero untargetable and immune to damage and removing some types of debuffs, while not clearing DoTs and other types of debuffs. Abilities with Pseudo-stasis are listed below:

  • Dehaka's ability, "Burrow", places him in pseudo-stasis for up to 2 seconds. He can still use "Dark Swarm" and "Essence Collection" while burrowed.
    • His level 16 talent, "Tunneling Claws", allows Dehaka to move during "Burrow".
  • E.T.C.'s heroic, "Stage Dive", places him in pseudo-stasis for 1.5 seconds until he lands.
  • Fenix's ability, "Warp", places him in pseudo-stasis for 0.75 seconds while he teleports.
  • Genji's heroic, "X-Strike", places him in pseudo-stasis while he's in the air.
  • Illidan's heroic, "Metamorphosis", places him in pseudo-stasis while teleporting.

Abilities affecting allies[]

  • Auriel's heroic ability, "Crystal Aegis", places an allied hero in Stasis for 2 seconds, damaging nearby enemies once the effect ends.
  • Blaze's heroic ability, "Bunker Drop", summons a Bunker that allied heroes can enter to grant Stasis for up to 10 seconds. Allies still can use "Flamethrower" and "Exit Bunker" while inside.
    • His 20 level talent, "Fortified Bunker", allows allies to alsouse "Oil Spill" while inside a Bunker.
  • Kharazim's heroic ability, "Divine Palm", places an allied hero in Stasis for 1.5 seconds if they take fatal damage, then heal them for a large amount of health.
  • Lt. Morales' heroic ability, "Medivac Dropship", grants allied heroes Stasis upon entering the Medivac until they exit or the Medivac gets destroyed.

Abilities affecting enemies ("Hostile Stasis")[]

  • Anub'arak's heroic ability, "Coccoon", places an enemy hero in stasis for up to 8 seconds but can be broken out early by allies.
    • His level 20 talent, "Cryptweave", allows Anub'arak to increase the duration of "Coccoon" by up to 4 additional seconds if he stays near the Coccoon.
  • Imperius's heroic ability, "Wrath of the Angiris", places the target in debuff Stasis while in air.
  • Mei's heroic ability, "Avalanche", places all enemy heroes it hits in Stasis while the snowball is rolling, trapping them inside and damaging them once the ability ends.
  • Stitches' heroic ability, "Gorge", places an enemy hero in Stasis for 4 seconds, trapping them inside him and damaging them once the effect ends.
  • Zagara's heroic ability, "Devouring Maw", places enemy heroes hit in Stasis for 4 seconds, damaging them over time. "Devouring Maw" can affect Unstoppable heroes.

Non-Heroic abilities[]

  • Mega Enforcer can grab a hero, stunning them briefly before pulling them inside and placing them in Stasis for 5 seconds.
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