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Spell Shield Icon.png
Spell Shield [Active]

Every 30 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor against the next Ability and subsequent Abilities for 3 seconds, reducing the damage taken by 50%. Can be toggled to allow or prevent this talent from triggering automatically.

Tier 5 (Hero Level 13)

Spell Shield is a generic Talent that grants a nice chunk of Spell Armor for a short duration upon being hit. It can be toggled on the hotbar so you can choose when it will protect you, but it cannot be toggled while on cooldown. It is a nice defensive option if you are up against a team with high amounts of ability damage because it can halve the damage you take, being particularly effective against heroes like Zeratul or Nova. It is similar to Spell Block effects in that it automatically triggers upon incoming damage, but varies from it in that it lasts for a duration rather than blocking specific instances of damage.

Heroes with Spell Shield[edit | edit source]

Base version[edit | edit source]

Modified version[edit | edit source]

  • Lunara's level 13 talent, "Greater Spell Shield", grants 75 Spell Armor for 3 seconds upon triggering on 30 second cooldown.
  • Thrall's level 13 talent, "Spirit Shield", grants 50 Spell Armor for 2.5 seconds upon triggering on 45 second cooldown, which is reduced by 10 seconds upon triggering Frostwolf Resilience.

Removed[edit | edit source]

These heroes no longer have Spell Shield as a talent option.