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Spell Block is a generic Talent, where the Hero gains Spell Armor against a finite number of Spell damage instances, instead of set duration, Like Spell Shield does. It works similarly to its Physical Armor granting counterpart - Block.

Skilled use of Abilities utilizing Spell Block can neutralise lot of damage from enemy Abilities with high burst damage in single of few instances. Due to their charge nature, however, they are weak against small and periodic damage, as even smallest damage instances can continuously consume a block charge, making it difficult to gain value from negating more dangerous Abilities.

Abilities and Talents that grant Spell Block[edit | edit source]

  • Illidan's level 13 talent Sixth Sense grants two block charges of 75 Spell Armor when Evasion is activated.
  • Li-Ming's level 1 talent 'Force Armor grants one block charge of 50 Spell Armor, if Magic Missiles hits an enemy Hero, up to 4 charges.
  • Orphea's level 13 talent 'Determination grants one block charge of 50 Spell Armor after dashing with Shadow Waltz, up to 2 charges.
  • Ragnaros' level 4 talent Fire Ward grants one block charge of 50 Spell Armor every time a Hero is hit by Living Meteor, up to 2 charges.
  • Samuro's level 4 talent Mirage grants him and his illusions two block charges of 40 Spell Armor when Mirror Image is cast.