Heroes Brawl - Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a Heroes Brawl released concurrently with Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Ten Tracers, 20 Pulse Pistols, and two Cores. The battle takes place in Hanamura, with a set of custom rules.

Rules Edit

  • Everyone is Tracer on Hanamura
  • Core Health and payload damage is quadrupled, including all empowered damage from destroying enemy fortifications.
  • Killing an enemy Tracer deals one damage to that team’s Core, while killing blows from directly landing Pulse Bombs deal two.
  • Pulse Bombs have no delay before exploding.
  • All players start at Level 20 and have access to all talents.
  • Tracer starts with the Total Recall level 20 talent.
  • Capturing the boss deals 16 damage to the enemy core.

Notes Edit

  • Core health is 32.
  • Empowered shot damage from Fort destruction is 8.
  • Blink’s cooldown is decreased by 50%.
  • All players gain 100% Pulse Bomb charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes.

Rewards Edit

  • Complete two matches of Special Delivery to earn a Rare Loot Chest.

Patch changes Edit

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