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Hello! I've seen you added various icons to the Status Effect template, can you also add the revealed icon (it looks like a red eye appearing above the Hero)?

Avatar for LemonBaby

Sorry, but I could not find the icon within the games data :/

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Hi, can you add Kel'Thuzad to the hero list on the landing page?

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Just noticed that you are extremely active on here. Keep up the good work. If you are ever interested in joining a community of other Gamepedia editors, please join our official Slack channel.

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Hello i have no clue about how to change the array on this page, where there is still a link to cooldown while it is not in the core page and cooldown would be welcome to be add (you look like a master of gamepedia wiki so i ask you ^^). Thank you for having create the cooldown page too, I will complete it with usual mistake from player in the morning

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How do you get this icon? Did you use some special programme?

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