Heroes Brawl - Snow Brawl
"The temperature has dipped in the hollow. Snow has invaded, and with snow comes snowballs! These calamitous tools of childlike whimsy will rain chaos as enemies and allies alike fly across the battlefield—or lie crushed beneath a pile of frosty destruction. Be wary, Heroes...winter has come to the Nexus!"

- Brawl summary(src)

Snow Brawl is a Heroes Brawl based on the Cursed Hollow battleground.


Players pick from one of three randomly selected heroes at the start of the match. Two types of snowballs appear on the ground throughout the brawl: (thrown via the F button):

  • Fluffy Snowball: A speedy snowball that hits a single enemy hero in a line skill-shot while ignoring minions and structures. Knocks targets back and deals heavy damage.
  • Heavy Snowball: An area-targeted explosion of snow that deals extra damage to non-heroic targets Adds a 60% slow to all damaged targets that decays over 2 seconds.

When the first tribute phase arrives, two tributes will initially spawn together - one five seconds after the other. When a player picks up a tribute, a new one will spawn somewhere else after a 5 second delay, meaning there will generally be two tributes alive. This type of "rolling" tribute spawning continues until either team is cursed. Tributes do not spawn during a curse or for 60 seconds after a curse.

The event will never spawn enough tributes to allow both teams to get cursed at the same time. The enemy's core must be destroyed in order to win the match.[1]

Rewards Edit

Complete three matches to earn a Loot Chest.

Previous rewards Edit

Completing three matches earned 1,000 Gold and the following portrait:



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