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Slime Boss
Targetinfopanel slime boss.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 18000
Base Damage (Camp) 240
Base Health (Captured) 16000
Base Damage (Captured) 320
Attack Speed 1.00
Abilites Slime Spit, Slime Pod Poison
Capture XP 750 XP
Maps Warhead Junction
Spawns after 5:00 minutes
Respawn delay 5:00 minutes

The Slime Boss (also called Junk Swarm Host) is a StarCraft themed boss found on Warhead Junction. One Slime Boss is found at the very top of the map. He first spawns after 5:00 minutes and respawns 5:00 minutes after being defeated.


The swarm host (otherwise known as the "egg monster" by terrans) is a zerg strain in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Generated by the infestation pit, the swarm host burrows into the ground in order to provide a seemingly endless supply of locusts. The large, mushroom-shaped structure on the swarm host's back is a breeding ground that weaponizes the millions of diminute larvae inhabiting the creature’s acidic bloodstream. Through a simple system of membranes for matter exchange, glands that pump the offspring full of hormones to hyper-accelerate growth, and ducts for efficient transportation to the bubbling pockets on the surface of the incubator, the swarm host births deadly, short-lived locusts to destroy threats to the Swarm. The larvae also feed on damaged tissue, sealing wounds, and destroying anything foreign that enters their domain. When the creature is threatened or engaged in combat, a subtle chemical reaction signals the larva to head for the incubator, where they are evolved into living weapons.[1]


The Slime Boss fires Slime Pods every 14s and will use its Slime Spit once every 14s. The Slime Boss waits at least 6s after using one ability before using the other. When it activates its Slime Pods ability, it fires 7 slime pods, each offset 2m away from a random hero. The Slime Pods are fired at least 5m away from the Slime Boss, but no farther than 11m. Unlike most abilities, these ranges are keyed into the Slime Boss' center rather than it's edge, translating these ranges into between 3m and 9m. Finally, Slime Pods have at least 3m between them, guaranteeing safe spaces.

Once on a lane, the Slime Boss is harder to simply play around, as it fires 10 slime pods per cast and effectively doesn’t have a minimum range. Furthermore, the minimum distance between pods is 2m, meaning that larger heroes may find it impossible to avoid the damage.[2]


Slime Spit Icon.png
Slime Spit
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Spits slime at a target point.

Slime Pod Poison Icon.png
Spawn Pods
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Deal damage over time


  • The Slime Boss formerly spawned Podlings. When the Podlings were close enough to a hero, they burrowed down and exploded, applying massive damage over time in the area. They were removed on April 24, 2018.
  • Slivan, the final boss of the Escape From Braxis and the Escape From Braxis (Heroic) Brawl, is also a Slime Boss.