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Skeletal Warrior
Targetinfopanel unit xul skeletalwarrior.png
Summon Information
Summoner Xul
ID NecromancerRaiseSkeleton
Duration 15 seconds
Health 240 (+4% per level)
Health Regeneration -20 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage 21 (+4% per level)
Attack Speed 1.0
Attack Range 0.5
Abilites Corpse Explosion
Sight radius 8.0
Movement speed 3.25

Skeletal Warriors are Summons created by Xul whenever a nearby enemy Minion dies, or he hits an enemy with his Basic Ability Spectral Scythe as well as through some talents. Up to 4 Skeletal Warriors can be summoned at once through minion deaths and any number through other means. Upon death Skeletal Warriors explode dealing damage in a small area.