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The Sandbox Custom Games are a Custom Games versions of Cursed Hollow and Volskaya Foundry that give (up to 10 players at once) a wide variety of "cheats" to test the absolute limits of their Heroes in multiplayer, sandbox-style gameplay.


A cheat menu will appear along the left side of the screen in-game. By default, only Player 1 will have access to the cheat menu. However, Player 1 can check the “Share Cheats” box at the top of the menu to give access to all other players. Players may close the cheat menu by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner of the panel. The menu can be restored by clicking the “Show Controls” button. All players will receive an in-game chat notification whenever a cheat is used.

The cheat menu features a wide variety of different options:

  • Set Game Speed: Change game speed among Slower, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Faster.
  • Toggle Minions: Enable or disable Minion spawns for each team.
  • Reset Structures: Restore all Structures to full Health. If a Structure was destroyed, it is rebuilt.
  • Toggle Tribute Spawning: Enable or disable Raven Lord Tribute spawns. This button is only enabled before the first Tribute event begins.
  • Move Here: Instantly moves the player’s Hero to the camera location.
  • Reset Talents: Reset all players’ Talent selections.
    • If “Share Cheats” is enabled, this button will only reset Talents for the player that pressed it.
  • Reset Cooldowns: Reset all players’ Ability cooldowns. Can be used once every 5 seconds.
    • If “Share Cheats” is enabled, this button will only reset cooldowns for the player that pressed it.
  • Set Team Level: Adjust each team’s level from 1 up to 30. This will also affect the strength of Minions and neutral Mercenary Camps.
  • Toggle Infinite Mana: Enable or disable Ability costs for each team.
  • Set Damage Dealt: Adjust each team’s damage output from 0 up to 300% of normal damage.
  • Set Damage Taken: Adjust the amount of damage received by each team from 0 up to 300% of normal damage.