Ruthless Onslaught (E) [Targeted]
Mana: 55
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Charge at an enemy, becoming Unstoppable and gaining Movement Speed. If you reach the target, they are stunned for 1 second and take 124 (+4% per level) damage.

Ruthless Onslaught

Patch changes Edit

  • Patch (Patch August 8, 2017Note: Fixed an issue preventing Ruthless Onslaught from activating when targeting an enemy that moves into fog of war.
  • Patch (Patch September 13, 2016Note: Slightly reduced the time between The Butcher hitting his target and his first Basic Attack.
  • Patch (Patch April 27, 2016Note: Cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 seconds. Mana cost from 75 to 55.
  • Patch (Patch October 6, 2015Note: Ruthless Onslaught received additional visual polish. The Butcher will no longer stop his Ruthless Onslaught charge if Abathur's Ultimate Evolution clone charges the target first.
  • Patch (Patch August 18, 2015Note: Ruthless Onslaught will no longer cause The Butcher to continue searching for the target even after losing vision of that Hero.
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