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Voice Lines[]

Availability Quote Audio Background
Default Lok'tar Ogar!
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40 Odds Were in My Favor
You Have My Attention
Ancestors Watch Over You
The Wrong Shaman


Hero Quote Audio Background
Emoji Murky Pack 1 Murky Happy.png


  • Rehgar: I've teamed up with a Murloc? This is some kind of a poor joke, right?
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning to the person next to him>
  • Rehgar: Well, at least you've got a fighting spirit.
Emoji Thrall Pack 1 Thrall Happy.png


  • Rehgar: It is an honor to fight beside my warchief.
  • Thrall: Formality doesn't suit you, Rehgar.
  • Thrall: Greetings, brother shaman!
  • Rehgar: The honor is mine, warchief.
Emoji Varian Pack 1 Varian Happy.png


  • Rehgar: Look at you – King Crocbait. I hope a life of luxury hasn't made you soft!
  • Varian: Life of luxury? Are you talking about me?
  • Varian: I hear you've become a respectable shaman, Rehgar.
  • Rehgar: Time changes many things, Croc-bait. I am no exception.
Emoji Rehgar Pack 1 Rehgar Happy.png


  • Rehgar: Ready to jump into the arena?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: These fools have no chance against us!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: Victory or death, nothing else will do!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: It's been ages since I had a good fight!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: Back into the arena!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: The spirits will guide us to victory!
Emoji Rehgar Pack 1 Rehgar ROFL.png

Generic (Positive)

  • Rehgar: Lok'tar, warrior!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: Come. We have a battle to win. For the Horde!
Emoji Rehgar Pack 1 Rehgar Meh.png

Generic (Negative)

  • Rehgar: Great... it's you.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Rehgar: Yes, now deal with it or shut up! Your choice.


Hero Quote Audio Background
vs. Human hero Not even close, pinkskin!
vs. Malfurion (Grunts) All these druids look alike.
vs. Raynor / Tychus What a waste of armor.
vs. Sonya Finally, a worthy battle!
vs. Thrall It was an honor, warchief.
vs. Varian Hah! Nice try, Croc-bait!
vs. Zerg hero Focused. Deadly. My kind of enemy!
vs. hero with kill streak Another winning streak shattered. File:RehgarBase KillSpreeEnd00.ogg
Generic Hah, still got it!
Stay down! It's easier that way.
Someone lost money on you, friend.
You need far more training.
Tell me that wasn't your best.


Quotes marked "Click-Quotes" are triggered when the player repeatedly clicks on the hero with the Left mouse button.

Quote Audio Background
What do you ask of me?
My story mirror that of all Orcs! A tale of savagery, and redemption! Perhaps... one day I shall tell it to you.
Back off, pup.
I said stop poking me! I am definitely not that kind of Orc!
My spirit animal is the wolf! I mean, can't you tell?
We mortals are but shadows and dust.
Muln Earthfury!? No, I am not related to that old ox! Although, you could say my great-grandmother was a cow.
You know, I raided for years and still never got the helm for this set.
It is said that only a shaman is allowed to know the balance and weight of their totem.
Think of it – an all-shaman expansion to World of Warcraft! We'll call it: ShamWoW! The thing, it sells itself!
(Groans) What smells like wet dog!? Oh... right.
What? I'm not wearing a skirt! These are legplates, I swear! (growl) You know what, go look it up on Wowhead if you don't believe me.
Thunder! Lightning! (thunderclap sound) Whoa, that's kind of frightening.
Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I turn into a Ghost Wolf just to /dance.
Tell you what, if you stop this, I'll split my winnings with you. 60-40. My way.
I've got to say, this whole video game thing is nice! Might have to try it more often.
Heroes of the Storm , huh? Got to say, I might have an unfair advantage. (thunderclap) (laughs)


Command Quote Audio Background
Move Winds guide my path!

(I obey)

Hmm, I smell their fear.

(Ready for orders)

Hah, good enough.
Right away.
A safe wager.
Let's go.
Attack Feel the ground tremble!
Lok'tar ogar!

(Victory or death!)

Lightning, shatter my enemy!
Power to the Horde!
Earth, swallow my enemies!
Let's see what you've got.
You, fight me!
Not Enough


I'm low on mana.
Rah, not enough mana!
I need more mana for that!


Ping Quote Audio Background
Assist icon.png


Ally Our team-mate needs help.
Self Someone get over here and help me.
I can't do this alone.
Def icon.png


We should rally our defenses here.
Structure If this structure falls, it's coming out of your take!
Defend that structure!
Fort Defend this fort! Now!
Core Defend our core with your lives.
Watchtower We must defend this watch tower.
Ally We need to protect this.
Defend, now.
Danger icon.png


Get out of there!
Look out!
Omw icon.png

On My Way

I am on my way to you.
I shall join you shortly.
Attack Here we fight!
Watchtower Secure this watch tower!
Mercenaries These mercenaries will fight for us or die!
Fort This fort must be destroyed!
Core Destroy the enemy's core!
Destroy Structure Destroy that structure.
Raze it to the ground.
Enemy Kill this one, now.
Someone slay that wretch!
Enemy Remove this hero from the fight.
Missing Hmm... A foe has left my sight.
What is this? An enemy has disappeared?
Retreat Retreat, while there is still time!
Pull back, now!
Objective Capture Capture that before our foes do.
Capture this, quickly.
Collect Gather these.
I'm taking a few of these.
Transport We need to move this thing, now.
Get this thing out of here.
Turn In Let's turn these in.
Hand over whatever you've collected.


Quotes in this section trigger when the player is in the Collection tab.

Use Quote Audio Background
Viewed in shop Locked Mok'ra!
Owned Ancestors watch over you.
Waiting Locked Alright, this is getting old, fast.
Mmm, I hate sitting on the sidelines.
Owned How does Thrall deal with all this standing around?
You know, we could be fighting right now.
Purchased Back into the ring!


Use Quote Audio Background
Lock-in I will fight to my last breath!
Try Mode Pay attention to ol' Rehgar, you may learn something.
Pay attention! I'm only going to show you this once.

(Successfully capturing a merc camp or objective)

Capably done, team!
Don't let it go to your head. Keep fighting.
Complimenting a Kill You've been training!
Yes! (laughs)
Who's next?
Near Low-Health Ally What are you doing? Go heal, now.
Head to a healing fountain, before you bleed out.
Healed Well timed.
Keep up that healing!
Expertly done, healer.
Hearthing I must heal.
Time to make my retreat.
Respawn The spirits call me to battle.
Good for another round!
(groans) That always stings a bit.
Resurrected Back in the fight!
I appreciate the battle rez.
Taunting The smart money's on me, whelp.
Do you really think you could survive me? Hah, let's see.
Another weakling, I see. Let's get this over with.
Talent chosen My power grows!
That should even the odds!
I like the way you think!
They won't see that coming.
Ancestors bless me!
Worth It

(Getting a kill

after getting killed)

Hah! You thought you could best me?
I love it when a plan comes together!
Comeback Hah, their advantage won't last much longer! Keep fighting!
Team wiped Focus up! We can still beat them.


Use Quote Audio Background
Bloodlust Icon.png


Bathe in the power of the Horde!
Feel the fury in your blood!
Ancestral Healing Icon.png

Ancestral Healing

Ancestors watch over you!
Spirits save you!
Be healed!
You're not dying on me!


Event Quote Audio Background
Start of a Match Players spawning Gladiators, prepare yourselves for combat and glory!
Players spawning (playing as the same hero) Hmm, I wonder who that Shaman is? It's always hard to tell from this angle.
Fight well, shaman! May your ancestors watch over you!
Let the elements guide you to victory, brother!
Countdown The battle begins in...
Ten seconds.
Battle begins Let the battle begin!
Lok'tar ogar!
Make your ancestors proud!
Talents Unlocked Choose a talent.
Player Abandons A gladiator has fled from battle. How shameful.
Player Rejoins Welcome back to the fight, gladiator!
Player Kills Enemy slain.
Good, but don't get sloppy.
Haha! Yes!
That's the way!
No mercy!
Double kill Two at once!
Triple kill Three!
Quadruple kill Haha, four!
Mega kill Five! You're making me a killing out there.
First blood First blood!
Player Deaths You have been slain.
Your spirit will find its way back soon.
Study your opponent. Find their weakness.
Death on a killing spree Killing spree over.
Ally death on a killing spree Our ally's killing spree is over.
Enemy Team Wiped Utter Domination!
Killing Spree Tier 1
(5 takedowns)
Killing spree!
Tier 2
(10 takedowns)
Tier 3
(15 takedowns)
Tier 4
(20 takedowns)
Hero of the Storm.
Enemy Fort destroyed Fort destroyed.
Haha, well done.
I can smell the smoke from here.
Fort razed.
Enemy Keep destroyed Keep destroyed.
Own Fort lost Our enemy has destroyed a fort.
Pay attention! We've lost a fort.
The enemy has leveled a fort.
Our fort has been destroyed!
Own Keep lost We've lost a keep.
Core is under attack The enemy is attacking our core!
Our core is under attack.
Victory Victory.
Blood and thunder!
Defeat Defeat.
A good fight! Let's have another!
This loss is not the end of us.

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