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Recon Camp
Targetinfopanel recon camp.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 1300
Base Damage (Camp) 20
Attack Speed 0.8
Attack Range 1.0
Capture XP 40 XP + 4/min
Maps Hanamura Temple
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay Immediate, but under control of capturing team

Recons are mercenaries found on Hanamura Temple. The Recons appear to be Omnics and and are easy to kill. Capturing the Recon Camp grants 300 XP and vision.

Recon Camps, once defeated, will offer the vision that Watchtowers do on the other maps. However, taking the camp means your enemies can re-take it to provide vision for their own team. What’s notable is the extremely high XP value on the recon camp. Killing the Recons grants 40 XP (+ 4/min) and capturing the camp grants an additional 300 XP. Thus, taking recon camps is not only important for the map and vision control they provide, but also for keeping up in the experience competition.[1]