"The Raven Lord demands tribute."


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Raven Lord-lore

The Raven Lord is the ruler of Raven Court and its associated realms.[1]


The Raven Lord is one of the oldest and most powerful beings within the Nexus,[2] having watched the battles waged in it for thousands of years.[3] He comes from a magical bloodline, which he passed on to his daughter.[4] He has conquered and destroyed numerous realms.[5]

He controls his realm's "merciless" sun,[6] He has been challenged by numerous would-be usurpers, but until recently, all fell before him.[7]

Amused by the tribute brought forward by heroes in Cursed Hollow, he will curse their opposing side.[8]

The Raven Lord came into conflict with the Grave Keeper for control of the Towers of Doom, seeking to annex the city into his own territory. He demanded that heroes aid him in this endeavor.[9] He was later driven out of the Haunted Mines by the Grave Keeper, who took the mines as his own domain.[10]

Rise of the Raven LordEdit

Raven Lord-spotlight

The Raven Lord begins to consort with the Dark Nexus

The Raven Lord began to consort with the Dark Nexus, which prompted his daughter to abandon him.[11] He unleashed the beasts of the Dark Nexus to fight for him and to capture the Towers of Doom. After subduing the Grave Keeper, Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza pledged herself to his services.[12]

Echoes of AlteracEdit

The Raven Lord manipulated the Horde to fight for him and to capture the Alterac Pass.

Fall of Kings CrestEdit

Raven Lord vs. Lady of Thorns

The Raven Lord defeats Raena

The Raven Lord sent his armies of conquer Kings Crest, led by his most sinister generals.[13] The realm was burnt to the ground.[4]


"You have finally returned home."
"Home? You destroyed my home!"

- The Raven Lord and Orphea(src)

Raven Lord-reunion

The Raven Lord 'reunites' with his daughter

After his conquest of King's Crest, the Raven Lord returned to his tower. Outside, he was confronted by his daughter, Orphea, who was less than reciprocal to her father after his genocide, and even less willing to return to the tower with him. The two came to blows, and while he declared himself to be beyond Orphea's powers of "dead magic," she managed to strike his singularity. In the midst of battle, they engaged in telepathic communication, the Raven Lord explaining that there had to be order, that without it, everything would be lost. He disappeared back to his tower, his daughter declaring that she would never stop fighting him.[14]

Development Edit

As of February 2014, Blizzard Entertainment was still fleshing out the lore for the Raven Lord.[1]

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