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Raven Lord Dark Nexus II.jpg
Character Information
Title Raven Lord
Gender Male
Race Realm Lord
Status Alive
Relative(s) Orphea (Daughter)
Affiliation Raven Court
Voice actor Jim Pirri

Oberon, the Raven Lord, is the Lord of the Raven Court, the father of Orphea.[1] He serves as the announcer for two battlegrounds: Cursed Hollow, and the left side of the Towers of Doom. He is also available as an unlockable announcer in Heroes of the Storm.


The Raven Lord is one of the oldest and most powerful beings within the Nexus[2] having watched the battles waged in it for thousands of years.[3] He comes from a magical bloodline, which he passed on to his daughter Orphea.[4] Orphea's mother left the family early in Orphea's life, fearing what would happen if her father tapped into the Dark Nexus. Oberon promised Orphea not to tap into this power, but he broke this promise, pushing Orphea away.[5]

He has been challenged by numerous would-be usurpers, but until recently, all fell before him.[6] He is able to transform into a giant raven and is the Realm Lord of the Raven Court, a Realm which includes the province of Cursed Hollow and the Haunted Mines.[7][8]

On Cursed Hollow, he'll periodically spawn a tribute somewhere on the map; the first team to collect three will cause the Raven Lord to curse their enemies, preventing their forts from firing and weakening their minions. On Towers of Doom, he employs the service of Heroes in order to defend his realm from being usurped by the Grave Keeper.[9]

Rise of the Raven Lord[]

The Raven Lord thinks other Realm Lords are "grasping and weak," and have no clue as a distant invading force is heading toward the Nexus, intent on destroying it. The Raven Lord has discovered a new Realm, and believes conquering it will help him repel the invaders. However, his armies aren't strong enough to capture the new realm, which forces him to unleash the powers of the Dark Nexus (against the advice of his advisor Neeve). He then overpowers and absorbs a Dark Nexus Dehaka into his Singularity and bends the other creatures of the Dark Nexus to his will. As the first strike, the Raven Lord sends the Dark Nexus entities to Towers of Doom to attack the Grave Keeper.[3] After the Grave Keeper's domination by the Raven Lord, some of his former generals pledged themselves to the Raven Lord.[10]

Echoes of Alterac[]

In the trailer for Echoes of Alterac the Raven Lord is seen exploring this new realm with the intention of conquering it. To achieve this goal, he uses his raven form and approached Drek'Thar in his dreams, to "warn" him of the Alliance's approach to Alterac and further empowered him.[11] However, The Alliance, led by Grand Marshal Varian Wrynn and rallied by the Lady of Thorns' call, did not want Alterac to fall to the Raven Lord's machinations.[12]

The Raven Lord wins the battle for Alterac and absorbs the Realm's singularity.

Fall of King's Crest[]

The Raven Lord sends his armies to conquer King's Crest, led by his most sinister generals.[13] In an attempt to turn the tide against the Raven Lord's invasion, the Delia and Verick awaken their father, the Dragon Knight. This allows the Raven Lord use the powers of the Dark Nexus to possess him. Afterwards, the corrupted Dragon Knight is sorrowfully forced to kill both of his children.

Seeing her children's bodies lying on the throne rooms floor, the Lady of Thorns draws her sword upon her husband. She blinds him long enough with her magic to thrive her sword through the Dragon Knight's head and kill him. The Lady of Thorns in her weakened state is in no position to fight back against the Raven Lord as he disarms her. The Lady of Thorns uses the last of her power to open a portal, allowing Cain and the last of the remaining civilians to escape. Without any power left and under the attack of the Raven Lord, the Lady of Thorns curse slowing consumes her and turns her into stone. The Raven Lord takes King's Crest's singularity, corrupts it with the energies of the Dark Nexus, and absorbs it into himself.[14]

Heir of Raven Court[]

After his conquest of King's Crest, the Raven Lord returned to his tower. Outside, he was confronted by his daughter, Orphea, who was less than reciprocal to her father after his genocide, and even less willing to return to the tower with him. The two came to blows, and while he declared himself to be beyond Orphea's powers of "dead magic," she managed to strike his singularity. In the midst of battle, they engaged in telepathic communication, the Raven Lord explaining that there had to be order, that without it, everything would be lost. He disappeared back to his tower, his daughter declaring that she would never stop fighting him.[15]


Raven Lord Portraits
Beware the Raven Lord Portrait.png
Fall of King's Crest Beware the Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Plush Raven Lord Portrait.png
Toys II Plush Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Raven Lord Portrait.png
Fall of King's Crest Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Raven Lord's Vengeance Portrait.png
Raven Lord's Vengeance
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40


Raven Lord Sprays
Cute Raven Lord Spray.png
Fall of King's Crest Cute Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Power of the Singularity Spray.png
Fall of King's Crest Power of the Singularity
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Raven Form Spray.png
Fall of King's Crest Raven Form
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Raven Lord Spray.png
Fragments of the Dark Nexus Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
The Raven Tower Looms Spray.png
Fall of King's Crest The Raven Tower Looms
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Sticker Raven Lord Spray.png
Sticker Raven Lord
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40


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  • The first Comic mentions that he has a family, though to what extent his affections are towards them and vice versa have yet to be explored. However, the fact that his adviser, Neeve, mentions that his family would never forgive him for unleashing the beings from the Dark Nexus implies that he may value their bond to some degree. He also seems to have a cordial relationship with Neeve.



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