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Ranged Assassin heroes are fragile damage dealers that are able to attack their enemies from a safer distance.

Ranged Assassin is a class of hero in Heroes of the Storm. They are high damage dealers that attack from range. There are currently 30 Ranged Assassin heroes.

The Ranged Assassin heroes when the role was implemented.

List of Ranged Assassin heroes[]

Hero Franchise Info
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A Summoner who can also deal high damage from far away.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo An Assassin who specializes against Physical Attackers.
Warcraft Warcraft A long range, high burst damage Mage, who requires good timing and setup.
Warcraft Warcraft An Assassin who can fly large distances, excelling on large battlegrounds.
StarCraft StarCraft A sustained damage Assassin with a regenerating Shield that enables him to efficiently duel his opponents.
Warcraft Warcraft Head 2 of a 2 Headed Hero, Gall is a powerful Mage stuck to Cho.
Overwatch Overwatch An opportunistic, mobile Assassin who can tear apart a weak backline.
Warcraft Warcraft A high damage Assassin who wears down enemies from afar and dives in for the kill.
Warcraft Warcraft A sustained damage Mage who uses his Health as fuel but can steal life from his enemies.
Overwatch Overwatch A ranged Assassin who specializes in scouting and taking out enemies from a distance.
Warcraft Warcraft A frost Mage who can Slow the entire enemy team.
Overwatch Overwatch A mobile assassin that bombards the enemy from afar, and sows chaos with traps and mines.
Warcraft Warcraft A fire Mage who punishes enemies that stay close together.
Warcraft Warcraft A burst damage Mage who locks down enemies and devastates them with powerful combos.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A high burst damage Mage who can reset her Abilities upon getting a Takedown.
Warcraft Warcraft A sustained Assassin who can wear down her enemies from afar with her poison.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A sustained Assassin who thrives in battle against groups of enemies.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A sustained damage Mage who gains power when killing enemy Minions.
StarCraft StarCraft A burst damage Mage who can ambush enemies from Stealth.
Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm A Ranged Assassin who dances around her enemies while using spells to empower her attacks.
StarCraft StarCraft A high damage Summoner who must stay near Pylons to be effective.
StarCraft StarCraft A Physical Damage Assassin who can keep enemies away.
StarCraft StarCraft A long-range Physical Damage dealer who needs protection from allies.
Warcraft Warcraft An Assassin who can shut down enemy Forts and Keeps.
StarCraft StarCraft A psychic Mage who can deliver area damage from long distances.
Overwatch Overwatch A mobile Assassin who picks off straggling enemies, finishing them off.
StarCraft StarCraft An Assassin who shreds High Health enemies.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A well-rounded Assassin who's mobile and can deal high sustained damage.
StarCraft StarCraft A Summoner who provides lots of vision of the battleground.
Warcraft Warcraft A Physical Damage Assassin who gains power while losing Health.
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