Pyroblast [Heroic Ability]
Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)
Mana: 80
Cooldown: 100 seconds

After 1.5 seconds, cast a slow-moving fireball that deals 810 (+5% per level) damage to an enemy Hero and 182.5 (+32.5 per level) damage to enemies nearby.


Patch changes Edit

  • Patch (Patch February 8, 2017Note: Fixed an issue that could cause Pyroblast to move unpredictably when fired at a target that enters and exits the mines.; Fixed an issue that could cause Pyroblast’s targeting indicator to persist indefinitely when targeting a Hero as they become Unrevealable.
  • Patch (Patch December 14, 2016Note: Cast time reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds; Cast range increased by roughly 30%.
  • Patch (Patch December 14, 2016Note: Received slight animation changes to coincide with timing changes.
  • Patch (Patch February 10, 2016Note: Damage increased from 730 (+4% per level) to 810 (+5% per level); Cooldown increased from 50 to 100 seconds.
  • Patch (Patch August 18, 2015Note: Range increased by 20%.
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