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Targetinfopanel unit probius pylon.png
Summon Information
Summoner Probius
ID ProbiusPylon
Summon Type Passive
Duration 12 seconds
Health 400 (+5% per level)
Attack Damage -
Sight radius 8.5
Movement speed -
Unit radius 0.5

Pylons are Summons created by Probius. Pylons generate a Power Field and grant vision of the surrounding area. Probius only regenerates mana while inside a Power Field. Only two Pylons can be active at one time, and if a third Pylon is summoned the first will simply be destroyed.


Carved from the sacred Khaydarin Crystals found only on the Protoss Homeworld, Pylons act as focal points for the Psionic Matrix emitted by the Nexus. The floating Pylons can power any Protoss buildings within a large radius around them, and establishing a network of Pylons is essential to properly expanding a new Protoss colony.[1]



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