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Targetinfopanel unit infernalshrines boss punisher arcane.png
Monster Information
Base Health 15000
Base Damage 160
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 1.5
Abilites Punish
Base Kill XP 0 XP
Map Infernal Shrines

Punishers are monsters in the Infernal Shrines battleground. They also appear within the Punisher Arena


Punishers are a type of Reapers - the minions of Malthael, created with the intent of purging humanity from Creation. Empowered Punishers are called Executioner: These monsters were once the most notorious and reviled criminals in Westmarch, drawn up from the deepest, darkest cells of the city’s prisons. Each was worse than the last: heartless murders who had butchered countless men, women, and children. In death, Malthael birthed them in forms that matched their twisted, callous souls, creating perfect instruments of slaughter.


Punishers will hunt down any nearby enemy Heroes that cross its path, and can spawn with one of three deadly affixes:

  • Arcane – The Punisher summons beams of arcane energy which rotate in a circular motion, and deal massive damage to enemy targets they pass through.
  • Frozen – The Punisher calls forth frigid ice shards, which explode after a short delay, dealing damage and rooting enemies in place for a short time. When Frozen explosions damage an enemy Structure, they are disabled for 3 seconds
  • Mortar – The Punisher launches a stream of firebombs high into the air, which explode and deal damage to any enemies they strike upon landing.

Infernal Shrines[]

Main article: Infernal Shrines

Periodically the shrines gather magical energy. When a hero activates it, Skeletal Defenders appear, and the first team to kill 40 of them will spawn a Punisher for their team. Punishers will go after enemy heroes first, using everything in their arsenal to wreak havoc. There are three kinds of Punisher that can emerge from a shrine: Arcane, Frozen, or Mortar. Use your Punisher to push against the enemy, either by joining it in battle against other heroes or by letting it buy you time to take out enemy fortifications. Be careful, they focus on attacking heroes above all else and are capable of jumping over gates to reach an enemy hero.

Punisher Arena[]

Main article: Punisher Arena

As the name suggests there are punishers on this Brawl, one representing each team, who are fighting one another in the centre and you can help take the opposing one down for 10 points. Hero kills will net you four points. The first team to reach 100 points takes the round.


Cooldown: 15 seconds

Leap toward an enemy hero, stunning enemies within an area for 1s, and significantly increase your basic attack and movement speeds.

  • Has initial cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • Lasts 4 seconds.


Punisher Portraits
Carbot Punisher Portrait.png
Carbot Punisher
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Punisher Arena Portrait.png
Punisher Arena


Punisher Sprays
Carbot Punisher Spray.png
Carbot Punisher
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75