Pull Party

Some of our Heroes are taking a break from the battleground to catch some serious R&R by the pool, and Stitches is throwing a party—a pull party! Hook enemy Stitches to pull them over to your side of the pool and then take them down to claim victory.

Pull Party is a Heroes Brawl introduced in June 2017.

Rules Edit

Pull Party gameplay
  • All players spawn as Stitches — Bikini Stitches!
  • Use Stitches' Hook to pull enemies over to your side of the pool so that your team can kill them.
    • Hook’s cooldown is greatly reduced. It also travels much slower and farther than usual.
    • There's no XP, no leveling, and no talents.
  • Helping Hand is always active, allowing you to Hook allies as well as enemies.
    • Hooking an ally or enemy who is already being pulled will kill them instantly.
    • Doing this to one of your teammates denies the enemy team a kill and restores your teammate to full health.
  • The first team to 20 kills wins!

Rewards Edit

  • Complete three Pull Party matches to earn a Loot Chest. During the original release, players could earn a Sun’s Out, Guns Out Loot Chest.

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