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Genji using Deflect to protect himself

Protected is a buff effect that prevents the Hero from taking any damage and grants them Evasion. When your own Hero is protected, your health bar shines silver-greenish. When an ally is affected by Protected, their health bar shines silver-bluish, while enemies with the Protected status have a silver-reddish health bar.

While a Hero is Protected, Abilities against the Hero will still hit the Hero, meaning that their additional effects are applied and progress for hit-based quests, like Kael'thas' "Convection", is rewarded normally. Additionally, due to the damage prevention mechanic being "absorbing" (not to be confused with Absorbing) rather than "nullifying", Abilities that hit Protected targets will still count as doing full damage. This allows the attacker to lifesteal or gain progress for damage-based quests, like Jaina's "Frostbite", by using Abilities against Protected targets, even though the target takes no damage. Damage absorbed by Protected status is calculated after Armor reductions.

Basic Attacks and Abilities that deal Physical damage, however, will not hit due to Evasion. This means that Attack Modifiers from Basic Attacks will also not be applied.

Unlike Invulnerable, Protected does not make the Hero untargetable by enemies or immune to crowd control effects, like Stuns and Silences.


  • Alarak's level 10 heroic ability, "Counter-Strike", makes him Protected for 1 second.
  • Anduin's level 10 heroic ability, "Holy Word: Salvation", has him channel for up to 3 seconds, making him and all nearby allies Protected.
  • Cassia's level 13 talent, "War Matron", makes her Protected during "Fend" and for 1 second afterwards.
  • Deathwing's level 1 talent, "Draconic Might", causes him to become Protected for 0.75 seconds whenever he loses an Armor Plate.
  • Genji's ability, "Deflect", has him channel for 1.25 seconds, making him Protected for its duration.
  • Leoric's level 20 talent, "Shroud of the Dead King", makes him Protected for 3 seconds.
  • Lt. Morales' level 20 talent, "Safe Zone", makes allies exiting her Medivac Protected for 2 seconds.
  • Medivh's ability, "Force of Will", makes an allied hero Protected for 1.5 seconds.
    • His level 13 talent, "Circle of Protection", grants "Force of Will" to allies near the target.
  • Varian's level 10 talent, "Shield Wall", adds an additional effect to his "Parry" ability, making him Protected for 1.25 seconds.


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