Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes: November 22, 2017

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Bug Fixes Edit

  • Quick Cast: Fixed an issue that caused Force Move’s Quick Cast setting to behave incorrectly for a number of players.
  • Volskaya Foundry: Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose control of their Heroes after exiting a Triglav Protector.
User Interface
  • Draft Mode: Fixed an issue that made enemy player profiles accessible while in draft.
Heroes, Abilities, and Talents
  • Alexstrasza: Canceling Dragonqueen after entering or exiting the Haunted Mines will no longer prevent Alexstrasza from casting her other Abilities.
  • Brightwing: Soothing Mist will no longer passively Heal nearby allies while Brightwing is piloting a Vehicle.
  • Zul’jin: Completing the You Want Axe? Quest using the Wrong Place Wrong Time Talent will no longer cause Twin Cleave’s visual effects to disappear during its second revolution.
  • Zul’jin: Fixed an issue causing the Movement Speed bonus granted by Eye of Zul'jin to be lost on death. Eye of Zul’jin’s Talent description will no longer incorrectly append to the Grievous Throw tooltip.
  • Zul’jin: No Mercy’s Talent description will now correctly append to the Grievous Throw tooltip.
  • Zul’jin: Recklessness is no longer incorrectly categorized as a passive Talent in the Talent Pane.
  • Zul’jin: Voodoo Shuffle’s tooltip now correctly lists a 40% reduction in Regeneration’s Mana cost and cooldown, rather than 33%. Voodoo Shuffle’s Talent description will now correctly append to the Regeneration tooltip.
  • Zul'jin: Buff icons in Zul'jin’s Buff Bar will now match the order in which their associated Talents were selected.

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