Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes: April 28, 2017

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General Edit

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash.
  • Text found on the Gem purchase page in the Korean game client will no longer appear truncated.
  • Corrected a translation error on the Veteran Loot Chest reward notification screen in the Taiwanese game client.

User Interface Edit

  • Draft Mode: The Collection screen is no longer accessible to players in draft lobbies.
  • In-Game: Fixed an issue in which New Talent prompts could fail to appear upon reaching the next Talent tier.
  • In-Game: Fixed an issue that could cause Party Frames to disappear during Tutorial games.
  • Portrait: Progression portrait border art will no longer persist on players’ portrait borders in the chat window after switching to Hero or Team League borders.
  • Portrait: Grand Master rank lightning effects will no longer appear on non-Grand Master players’ portrait borders after switching from a party containing a Grand Master player to another party.
  • Player Profile: Grand Master players’ rankings will no longer appear truncated in their profiles.
  • Profile: Losses will now be correctly displayed in the tooltip that appears when hovering the cursor over Heroes’ win-rates on the profile’s statistics tab.
  • Rewards: Players will now correctly receive notification that they have earned 1,000 Gems as a reward for reaching player level 5.

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