Pachimari Mania is a special limited quest associated with the release of the Volskaya Foundry battleground.

Before each match, players open Pachimari Loot Boxes and find Golden Pachimari to complete the four quest parts and unlock rewards. Parts must be completed in order, and only one can be active at any given time.

Rules Edit

  • At the beginning of a match, Loot Boxes will spawn around the starting area. Players open as many as they can and try to find the Golden Pachimari.
    • Opening a Loot Box will grant a movement speed boost, enabling players to open more boxes.
    • The player to open the most Loot Boxes on each team will be announced when the event ends.
  • The first team to find the Golden Pachimari will win the event and earn credit toward their Pachimari Mania quest progress.

Parts Edit

  • One: Quest - 2x Pachimari; Reward - Pachimari portrait
  • Two: Quest - 5x Pachimari; Reward - Pachimari spray
  • Three: Quest - 8x Pachimari; Reward - Pachimari banner
  • Four: Quest - 10x Pachimari; Reward - Pachimari emojis

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