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Title The Eternal Will of the Zerg Swarm
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Overmind is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise.[1] The original inspiration behind Abathur was the Overmind with global powers and immobility. The kit evolved to be more mobile to add a dimension both to his strategic location and to give him more personality (he is rarely present on the map instead of never there), and Blizzard mapped/adjusted powers to Abathur instead.[2]


StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

The Overmind was created by the renegade xel'naga Amon and his followers on the planet Zerus, as a means to bind a race of hyperevolutionary insectoid creatures named the zerg to a central hive mind. Its consciousness was bound to one overriding purpose: perfect the Swarm at all costs. However, the Overmind slowly became canny of the xel'naga watching over him, and began to evolve to the point where its broods could reach into space. When Amon and his followers were attacked by the xel'naga sent to stop him, the Overmind struck, assimilating a number of the xel'naga. Through them he gained knowledge of another race uplifted by them, the protoss, which contained purities that would create the perfect creature if joined with the Swarm. Bred for perfection, the Overmind took its broods and began searching the galaxy for the protoss.

The Swarm moved from world to world, assimilating new strains along the way. To manage the traits they assimilated, the Overmind created Abathur to guide the Swarm's evolution. On its path of conquest, the Overmind was given a vision from a xel'naga named Ouros, of a future where Amon returned and took control of its Swarm using protoss/zerg hybrid. Knowing that assimilating the protoss worked into Amon's plan but unable to break from its drive to perfect the Swarm, the Overmind instead sought a powerful psionic agent to use both against the protoss and against Amon should he return. In a section of space named the Koprulu Sector, the Overmind found the terrans, a young race with psionic potential, which he could use for this purpose.

The Overmind attacked terran space, infesting the world of Chau Sara, but were met by the protoss under Executor Tassadar, who burned the planet and all zerg on it. Meanwhile, the terrans of the Terran Confederacy had discovered the zerg's connection of psionic terrans, and developed a device to bring them to worlds they wanted destroyed. However, this backfired as revolutionary groups discovered these devices, and the Overmind tore a path of destruction to the Confederacy's capital of Tarsonis. There it defeated the terran defenders and Tassadar's fleet, and discovered the perfect psionic terran, a ghost agent named Sarah Kerrigan.

The Overmind took Kerrigan back to his primary hive on the planet Char, where Abathur rebuilt and infested her. However, her psionic cries drew the attention of the newly formed Terran Dominion, the rebel Jim Raynor, the protoss under Tassadar, and a shadowy Nerazim protoss named Zeratul. While the factions fought on Char, Zeratul slew one of the subcommanding cerebrates of the Swarm, Zasz, and touched minds with the Overmind. Zeratul discovered the history of the Swarm, while the Overmind discovered the location of the protoss homeworld of Aiur. Having found what it sought, the Overmind withdrew its Swarms to Aiur, leaving Kerrigan to deal with the remaining enemies on Char.

The Overmind smashed into Aiur, embedding itself into the crust of the world. Slowly it began to wear down the protoss defenders, who were wrought with infighting and believed they were winning the conflict. However, protoss forces under Tassadar rallied along with Zeratul, Raynor, Fenix, and Artanis, slaying two cerebrates and stunning the Overmind once again. The united forces used this opportunity to push on the Overmind, destroying its outer shell, but the zerg began to push them back. In desperation, Tassadar channeled Void and Khala energies through the hull of his carrier Gantrithor, ramming it into the body of the Overmind. Both Tassadar and the Overmind were obliterated in the blast, shattering the swarms of the zerg into chaos.

In the aftermath of the Overmind's death, Kerrigan and the remaining cerebrates fought for control of the Swarms. The cerebrates under their leader Daggoth formed a second Overmind, though one in its infant stages, as they could not exist without one. However, the forces of the United Earth Directorate conquered Char and the new Overmind, seizing control of the Swarms. Kerrigan united the scattered factions of the sector to fight back, and manipulated Zeratul to aid him to slaying the creature, ending it and the UED's control of the Swarm and leaving her as its uncontested ruler.


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