"Ah, heroes. You've arrived just in time to witness my gardens come alive...within the night! We transform! The Garden of Terror blossoms! My servants' flesh is weak. They must be...weeded out. Slay them! Take their seeds! Plant them here in this soil, and I will grant you the power of nature. You will become...a beautiful flower. Fight! Kill! Spread my infestation! The Spore Queen demands it!"

- Queen Nightshade(src)

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Queen Nightshade

Queen Nightshade (a.k.a. the Spore Queen)[1] is the realm lord of the Garden of Terror.


A young and innocent queen, Nightshade is quite unused to the bloodshed heroes are bringing to her gardens. She is a fairy tale princess who in the day rules fairly and justly over her picturesque kingdom. At night, she is infested by plantspores becoming a horrifying monster called the Spore Queen. She is all the darkness within her given life. She cares only for her plants everything else is simply a tool to spread their infestation.[2]

She has feigned ignorance of the terrors that have overtaken the garden, but some are beginning to suspect that she has gone mad.[3]


Nightshade is likened to being Jekyll, while her Spore Queen persona is the equivalent of Hyde.[2]


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