Nexus Frenzy

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Nexus Frenzy Icon.png
Nexus Frenzy [Passive]

Increases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 1.1.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)

Nexus Frenzy is a Generic Talent that grants ranged dps a boost in range and dps. A 20% attack speed boost provides a powerful synergy with other talents, such as Giant Killer, and makes kiting much more dangerous. The range increase meanwhile lets you hit enemies with near impunity, out of range of many abilities. It's a strong and reliable damage boosting talent that's hard to pass up.

Heroes with Nexus Frenzy[edit | edit source]

Basic Version[edit | edit source]

Modified Version[edit | edit source]

  • Ana's level 20 "Dynamic Optics", basic attacks grant 10% attack speed for 3 seconds up to 100%, and Aim Down Sights grants 4 attack range.
  • The Butcher's level 16 "Blood Frenzy", basic attacks against heroes grant 5% attack and movement speed for 3 seconds, up to 25%.
  • Raynor
    • His level 16 talent, "Give Me More!", grants his basic attacks 1 attack range while "Inspire" is active.
    • His level 20 talent, "Execute", grants him 20% attack speed.
  • Sgt. Hammer's level 20 "Ultra Capacitors", basic attacks against heroes in Siege Mode grant 5% attack speed for 5 seconds up to 50%.
  • Tyrande
    • Her level 20 "Shooting Star", basic attacks gain 1 range, and every 10 basic attacks against heroes drops a Lunar Flare.
    • Her level 20 "Iceblade Arrows", gain 25% attack speed and basic attacks reduce the target's damage by 5% up to 50%.
  • Valla
    • Her level 20 "Farflight Quiver", basic attacks gain 2.2 range.
    • Her level 20 "Rancor", each stack of Hatred grants 2% attack speed, when at 10 stacks gain an additional 30%.

Removed[edit | edit source]

These heroes no longer have Nexus Frenzy as a talent option.

  • Cassia original version of "Titan's Revenge", basic attacks ignored armor and gained 2 range.
  • Tychus