The following is a list of quotations from Nazeebo.

Interactions Edit

Nephalem (Johanna, Kharazim, Li-Ming, Sonya, Valla)
Demon (Azmodan, Diablo, The Butcher, etc.)
  • "When this battle ends you will not know me as a friend."
  • "The same goes for you, demon."
  • "Hmmm. Just what are you supposed to be?"
  • "What?"
  • "It pleases me to fight by your side once again, Tyrael."
  • "The honor is mine, friend."

Kills Edit

  • "Be at peace, fallen king."
  • "The reign of terror is over."
  • "Grotesque."

Clicked Edit

  • "I hear you."
  • "The spirits speak to me."
  • "Time to do that voodoo that I do so well."

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if tNazeebo is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "I have a PhD in PvP."
  • "This troll should have stayed away from the voodoo."
  • "What? Noo. I have not been licking toads. Why would you think that? (toad croaks) Hush you!"
  • "I have to keep ahead. What? What do you mean 'of the game'? No, I just need to keep a head. See, right here. (thud) A head!"
  • "Unless you are on a Sanctuary, Heaven, or Hell-approved HMO or PPO, I can not make house calls. Though, I can give you this."
  • "Frogs don’t give you warts… But this will!" (jar thrown, glass breaks)
  • "That’s a bad cough you’ve got there. You should call a docto-ohh. What can I do for you?"
  • "Which doctor? This doctor."
  • "My mother tells everyone her son’s a witch doctor."
  • "Do you know how many years of schooling you have to go through to become a witch doctor? And then the application process is a nightmare."
  • "My fetish? (summoning sound, then small monster noise) Let's say you do not want to know it." (maniacal laughter)

Heroic Abilities Edit

  • "Hear your master's voice!"
  • "Rise, Gargantuan! Defend this land."
  • "Devour everything."
  • "Endless hunger."
  • "See what awaits you beyond death."

Other Edit

  • "Together, we will save this world." (upon purchase)
  • "I hear the call." (upon selection)
  • "The spirits say it is not my time." (upon revival)
  • "I have friends on the other side." (upon revival)