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Varian, the first multiclass hero.

"Heroes defined by their talent rather than role."

Multiclass heroes are able to choose from two or more roles, depending on the talents you choose during a game. Multiclass heroes are jacks of all trades who are able to help their teams by choosing the role that would be most useful. With the Caldeum Complex event, this role was removed, with its only Hero being moved to the new Bruiser role.

List of original multiclass heroes[]

Hero Franchise Info
Warcraft Warcraft A Bruiser who can flex into dealing damage or protecting his team.
Current_ _Bruiser BruiserHealer HealerMelee Assassin Melee AssassinRanged Assassin Ranged AssassinSupport SupportTank Tank
Removed_ _Assassin AssassinMulti-class MulticlassSpecialist SpecialistSupport SupportWarrior Warrior
Former Multi-class (Assassin & Warrior) Multiclass heroes_ Varian