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Movement speed determines how fast a Hero moves when on foot. Movement Speed is in game displayed as relative to the unit's absolute Movement Speed, with 100% representing the unit's base Movement Speed. Heroes other than Erik of The Lost Vikings have an absolute base Movement Speed of 4.8398 units/second, but other in-game units can have different values.

Most Heroes can summon a Mount to increase their Movement Speed by 30%, raising their relative Movement speed to 130% (6.292 units/second). For most mounted Heroes, mounting has a 1-second cast time. The exceptions here are Medivh, whose Raven has a 1.5-second cast time, and Rehgar, who can instantly mount. For traditional mounts, mounting is more efficient when traveling for 4.5 or more seconds. This works out to 20m of distance.[1]

Movement Speed can be increased by some talents and abilities and decreased by Slows or completely negated by Roots. Move Speed bonuses from different sources do not stack unless otherwise specified; only the one with the highest value is effective. The same applies to Slows. If a Hero is affected by a Move Speed buff and a Slow at the same time, the Hero's Movement Speed will be determined by their difference.

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