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A Mortar Punisher

Monsters are battleground-specific and objective based creatures, such as the Skeletons on the underground part of Haunted Mines or the Skeletal Defenders that spawn on the Infernal Shrines.

Monsters are similar to wild mercenaries in that they are neutral enemies (Except for the Battlefield of Eternity Immortals, which have teams). However, unlike Mercenaries, Monsters do not spawn capture beacons when they die, instead giving some other reward (such as seeds or coins). Furthermore, certain talents that work on mercenaries do not work on Monsters.

Similar to everything else, monsters scale with minutes elapsed. The scaling patterns vary significantly more, with some monsters linearly scaling in the standard constant fashion, while others scale in the linear ramping style like mercenaries.[1]

List of monsters[]

Monster Description Battleground
Targetinfopanel unit wcav minion cavalry alliance.png
The objective in Alterac Pass is to break the friendly Cavalry out of their cage, while also working to prevent to opposing team from liberating theirs. The team that can hold their objective will free their Cavalry and get one Cavalry unit for each lane. Alterac Pass
Targetinfopanel unit hauntedmines boss gravegolem.png
Bone Golem
A Bone Golem can by summoned by collecting Cursed Skulls within the mines. The power of the Bone Golem scales with the number of Cursed Skulls. Haunted Mines
Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror boss vehicle gardenterror.png
Garden Terror
Three Garden Terrors are summoned by collecting three seeds, upon which they will automatically attack the opposing team, traveling down all three of the map's lanes. Garden of Terror
Targetinfopanel unit hauntedmines boss gravegolem.png
Grave Golem
Grave Golems drop Cursed Skulls when killed. Collecting Cursed Skulls empower your team's Bone Golem. Haunted Mines
Targetinfopanel unit wcav minion melee alliance.png
Once a Prison Camp spawns first time for either team, friendly Guards will spawn nearby. Aside from attacking enemies, the Guards will channel the Prison Camp in order to retake control over it. Alterac Pass
Targetinfopanel unit boe boss heaven.png
The Immortals are a pair of angel and demon monsters fighting each other as the main objective in the Battlefield of Eternity. The winner will help his team, attacking in one of the lanes Battlefield of Eternity
Targetinfopanel unit infernalshrines boss punisher arcane.png
Periodically the shrines gather magical energy. The first team to kill 40 Skeletal Defender will get a Punisher for their team. Punishers will go after enemy heroes first. Infernal Shrines
Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror merc flower melee.png
Four Shamblers are protecting a seed. Once the shamblers are killed or distracted, a hero must channel the seed seconds to capture it. Garden of Terror
Targetinfopanel unit infernalshrines merc punisher defender.png
Skeletal Defender
Periodically shrines gather magical energy. When a hero activates it, Skeletal Defenders appear. The first team to kill 40 of them will summon a Punisher for their team. Infernal Shrines
Targetinfopanel unit hauntedmines merc mines melee.png
Skeletal Miner
Risen Miners are monsters found within the Haunted Mines. Each objective phase will spawn 8 Risen Miner Camps inside the underground area of the map. Miners drop 2 skulls upon death (with a total of 72 skulls from the Risen Miners). Haunted Mines
Targetinfopanel unit skytemple merc temple jackal melee.png
Sky Temple Guardian
When a team captures a temple, they will have to battle the Sky Temple Guardians which will attempt to protect the captured temples. Sky Temple
Targetinfopanel unit tombofthespiderqueen minion spider boss.png
Three Webweavers are summoned by turning in gems, upon which they will automatically attack the opposing team, traveling down all three of the map's lanes. Tomb of the Spider Queen
Targetinfopanel unit braxis monsters ultralisk.png
Zerg Wave
When both beacons are held by the same team, that team's pen will begin to fill with Zerg. When one team's pen is full, the Zerg Wave are released to attack down their respective lanes. Braxis Holdout